Speaker Date Topic
Philip Narezzi-COO Sydney Desalination Plant Feb 04, 2020
An overview of the Sydney Desalination Plant’s role in Sydney's Water Supply

The Sydney Desalination Plant is a large scale reverse osmosis desalination plant. The site covers 45 hectares and is located on the coast of Kurnell, 25 kilometres from Sydney's CBD.  The Desalination Plant supplies drinking water, when needed, to about 1.5 million people in Sydney, as part of their water supply.

This talk will provide an overview of the Sydney Desalination Plant’s role as Sydney’s only non-rainfall dependent source of drinking water.

Phil Narezzi, Chief Operating Officer, Sydney Desalination Plant

Philip is a Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the process and industrial industries working in the fields of operation, maintenance, engineering, technical support and project management. Multiple industry experience across infrastructure service lines including water, roads, rail, transport, Defence and electrical services.

As Chief Operating Officer, Philip manages the plant’s key role in assisting the NSW Government with water security for Sydney.

Ashleigh Bower-Events Coordinator at Arthritis NSW Feb 10, 2020
Arthritis Awareness and Managing the Symptoms

 Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW is a charity, non-for profit organisation who recognise and advocate for those in our community suffering from Arthritis and similar musculoskeletal conditions. There are several strategies that can be used to mitigate symptoms of arthritis, including exercise, strength training, and weight management, among others. The challenge lies in effective implementation of these strategies among community-dwelling older adults. Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW would like to educate community populations about these strategies thus empowering them to take control of their Arthritis. 

Craig Wood Feb 17, 2020
Destiny Rescue Up-Date

Craig is the new NSW/ACT Community Partnership Manager for Destiny Resue, and he will update us about Destiny Rescue.  Craig has personally been involved with many of these rescue operations and I think we find this most interesting.

Alfonso Calero Feb 24, 2020
A Japan Photo Tour

This talk will be about how much smartphone photography has progressed  - the limitations of what we can achieve are endless. Alfonso will show the audience some basics on how to use their mobile, recommend free fabulous apps for editing. Also, he will talk about creativity and composition while showing images of Japan.


The focus will be on Travel Photography in Japan and the locations will include Tokyo & Hokkaido. While in Tokyo he will speak about how you can use your smartphone and still capture beautiful images of street portraits, architecture day and night. While in Hokkaido in Northern Japan, landscapes and wildlife will be the focus.