Posted on Sep 13, 2018
Throughout the year, many of our Members visit outside organisations who play a part in our Community.  This week, our 'Youth Director' visited the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) in Falcon Street, North Sydney, where he was met by the new Manager, Daniel.  A Tour of the facility followed, together with Daniel relating the many Programs they run for the benefit of our local Youth.
The North Sydney PCYC has over 2,000 Club Members.  Its programs draw from not only local residents but organisations that Rotary knows, such as Phoenix House and Taudamunde.
Throughout the year PCYC work in partnership with the staff, upon activities and events including:
  • Blue Light Disco’s

  • Time for Kids Fundraiser

  • Regular meetings with Club Manager, staff and committee members.

  • Blue Star Camps

  • Police Crime Category Programs

Future direction of Crime Prevention and Youth Command:

RISEUP is a new strategy developed by the NSW Police Commissioner, connecting disengaged young people to workplace opportunities.
RISEUP incorporates job ready programs, mentoring and vocational training for at risk youth aged between 15 and 18 to build their engagement with education, employment opportunities and the community. The initiative aims to partner with employers across NSW to create meaningful workplace opportunities for young people who’ve embraced positive change in their lives.
And a new program being commenced at North Sydney's PCYC is 'IGNITE':