Readers will recall, each year our Rotary Club mans a 'Tree of Joy' in the Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre.  And again, as a result of donations and gifts last Christmas 2021, all donations and gifts collected, were handed over to the worthy recipient organisations for distribution to those people in need.  Since then, our Club has received several letters of 'Thanks', all worthy of publication; see below;
Dear Sue & all at Rotary,
2021 has been another unprecedented year, and as it draws to a close, we are extremely grateful to our communities, for their support, encouragement and acknowledgement throughout.
On behalf of our families, whom have all received extra care packages, presents, vouchers and food hampers due to your generosity - Christmas just got a little bit easier and happier this year.
We cannot express our gratitude enough, for your goodwill and giving, at this time of year, and throughout.
Merry Christmas 
Warm Regards 
Margaret Datson
Senior Operations Administration




Dear Sue,

Re: Donations of Christmas Presents and Gift Cards

Taldumande Youth Services would like to sincerely thank The Rotary Clubs of Crows Nest, Chatswood and Roseville you for their support again this Christmas. We were delighted and humbled to be included in the wonderful Tree of Joy project again, and as always, the community were so generous.

2021 has been one of the most difficult years in modern times worldwide and has been particularly hard on the young people within Taldumande already experiencing significant family relationship breakdown, trauma, mental health issues and isolation. Many of our young people lost their jobs, income, their connection to their community, and were unable to spend as much time with their close ones as they would like. The year has been tough, but our staff worked diligently to promote positivity and self-care for every young person and family we support. Without the support of the community, especially at Christmas, it can be particularly difficult to keep this positivity alive.

A very special message of thanks was received from one of our case managers which I want to share, “I just sorted at home everything for all my clients and my heart bursts how they will have such special gifts and support from Taldy. Thank you for making this happen ... when I phoned my clients to say we had a Christmas present for them, they were so emotional with happiness, grateful and surprised to be getting something on Christmas!!”

With warm regards

Liz de Rome
Grants, Community and Volunteers Officer

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for organising the Tree of Joy donations for us again this year.  I helped Sahar unload all the wonderful gifts yesterday and I couldn’t believe how they just come coming!
Its such a joy to witness the generosity of others, especially at this time of year.
Thank you for your ongoing support of Mary’s House and all the best wishes to you and your family over the holidays.
Kind regards,
Claire Barber 
Chief Executive Officer