imageOur guest speaker was Lisa Graham, CEO of Taldumande Youth Services.
Taldumande Youth services, based over the North Shore, focuses on vulnerable & homeless young people & families. Currently 420 young people are being supported in numerous locations from the Blue Mountains to the Northern beaches.  
Accommodation services come in 5 areas – these being Crisis (7 beds), Semi-independent housing, supported independent housing, homeless youth assistance and young offenders joint support.  In addition, non-accommodation services include Specialist homeless services support, Outreach program, Intensive family support and an Aftercare program with an open door policy. They are also on call afterhours.  More details available at
Lisa explained how the complexity of youth had increased dramatic in recent years, due to the Internet / social media and them maturing earlier than in the last century. Taldumande(meaning place of refugee) is young person centric, but ensures they do not become too dependent on them. 15% of the funding is private, and the focus for private funds is in the Intensive family support area, as it has the most benefit and is not funded by government. Results are significantly better with family support.
Lisa’s 25 years’ experience showed thru with a well organised presentation, and we look forward to getting involved with her organisation.
Mark Warr thanked Lisa on behalf of the club.