In her, Farewell as President speech, Sue gave an excellent Revue of the year's activities, thanking all those members involved in making 2018-2019 Rotary year such an exciting year for the Crows Nest Club. Through all our achievements, in Community, Youth, International, and Foundation, culminating in our 50th Birthday celebrations.
For the details of the full speech, please refer to the stories section in the Newsletter below.

Good Evening and Welcome to my Fellow Rotarians, partners, and friends


A little over 1 year ago I stood on this very same spot as I was inducted as President of the Rotary Club Of Crows Nest. To say I was a little daunted is an understatement. But here I am and I would like to share my year in review.


The 2018-2019 theme for Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin’s year was BE THE INSPIRATION. He urged us to be the inspiration for positive change and I am proud to say that the Rotarians Of Crows Nest Rotary Club have indeed shown inspiration in our club activities in our community involvements and in our global pursuits.


In my opening address, I stated that I would like to see our Rotary Club become better known for who we are and what we do. I had hoped to achieve this by participating and doing projects in our community and to collaborate where possible with other surrounding Rotary Clubs


Under the guidance of PP Peter Coote our Community Service Director,  our Rotary Club continued to be an active participant in our local community. In July we applied for and subsequently received a District Grant to help buy and supply new beds and bedding for Mary’s House a Women’s and children’s Refuge for Victims of Domestic Violence. Mary’s House Refuge provides accommodation,counselling, and support to women and their children in their time of need often at a moments notice. I am pleased to Report we have completed this very worthy project. 


Another local project we participated in, this time in conjunction with the RNSH Pink LadiesTeamand five local Rotary Clubs, was to contribute towards a MRI cap for the imaging department of RNSH. This vital piece of equipment has. increased the imaging capacities fourfold and has greatly added to the diagnostic capabilities of the imaging team and specialist doctors. A great example of how Crows Nest Rotary has helped our community.


Children’s Cancer research is A Very special area of medicine and when Lucy Jones from Neuroblastoma Australia approached our Club to be Platinum Sponsor at their annual Sienna’s Gala Dinner, for a  second year, Crows Nest Rotary, replied Yes we would. Lucy’s daughter Sienna succumbed to this childhood cancer and Lucy began this charity which has its Offices In Crows Nest. Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumor of childhood occurring mostly between the ages of newborn to 5 years. Sadly 40 children are diagnosed each year in Australia. To hear their stories is heartbreaking.Vital research is happening here in Australia and the proceeds from the GalaDinner went to furthering research into this disease. A very worthy cause.


Due to the ongoing devastating drought in Rural NSW, our Club in conjunction with a number of Rotary Clubs from our area conducted a fundraiser. With the generous donations from private as well as members of the community over $37,400.00 was raised and has been distributed to farmers In North Western NSW. An outstanding result.


Crows Nest Rotary participated and helped organize the 2018 Christmas Tree Of Joy Project. Again in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs Of the Chatswood area our Rotarians helped man the desk to coordinate collection of the donated gifts so generously given by the community. This year, again, over 4500 gifts were distributed to a variety of organizations such as YOTS Taldumande Youth services  Mary’s House  Phoenix house  Local nursing homes and DelvenaWomen’s Refuge to name only a few. Christmas Hampers were again collected and given to Catholic Care to distribute.We again participated in the Crows Nest Christmas Carols event and our BBQ proceeds went to Phoenix House.


Every year PP Howard Sullivan and friends sponsor a Christmas picnic for orphan children in Dili East Timor to which Crows Nest Rotary donated $1000.00. From the Facebook photos posted, it was a resounding success.



Our International Director Ian Pocock has overseen 4 global projects in various stages of progress.


1.Maliana Project East Timor

In collaboration with Monte Sant’ Angelo college North Sydney. Monte Sant’ Angelo college have just received the third refined schematic designs for the proposed Teacher Training College from the Architect in Dili. Pending their approval, this project will move into the Detailed Documentation phase, After which they need to get Govt approvals etc. but most likely this will not occur until August. The process has taken a little longer than anticipated but having said that Monte’s have been quite methodical in seeking advice locally before moving forward on the design concepts.

At the next stage of the construction drawings, Monte Sant' Angelo college need to involve Howard and Angelo working with the architect in Dili to design the proposed water filtration plant that goes into the Dining Room of the college. A work in progress.


2.Mewat, Sanitation Project India

Crows Nest Rotary Club In conjunction with Beecroft Rotary Club and a number of other Rotary Clubs and using a Global Grant from RI have seen this project progress to be almost complete with approx. only 50 toilets to go. An excellent result.


3.East Pokot, Kenya

After a lot of work by Nakuru Rotary Club, and Keri from So They Can, and our Club, the Global Grant Application for this project has been finalized. However, at the start of the vetting process at Rotary Head Quarters, it was determined that Nakuru is not a registered Club, as they have not had their accounts audited for the previous year, The Club is working on that now as a priority. I sincerely would like to see this project come to fruition.


Mangwara Primary School Project, Zimbabwe

The Rotary Club of Victoria Falls has now met with Obert from African Bush Camps to discuss the way forward on this project The recommendation now is that they channel our efforts to the more immediate need for a classroom block and borehole for water supply to the school. So, the proposal is to do the borehole together with a classroom block OR to do the borehole by itself. Victoria Falls Club is now in the process of revising their Global Grant, and they are a Registered Club. The school site is to finally be about 700m from the site Celia and Peter Coote saw when they were there.



Our Youth Director Philip Smith has reached out to Youth service Organisations in our local community.


Our Club is working with Taldumande Youth Services on a project to provide new bedding linen for their clients as well as building a new linen closet in one of their homes.

We are also working with Phoenix House Youth Services to help set up a Technology Lab for disengaged young people. Crows Nest Rotary has applied for a new District Grant to help fund this project.

The project involves creating a fun and interactive, technology learning lab, for young people who are disengaged from mainstream schooling. The objective is to provide them with technical skill to make them tech savvy. A very promising project.



Over the last 50 years, Crows Nest Rotary Club has been a generous donor to the Rotary Foundation, our own Charity. To date, We have given over $100,000.00 AUS. We continued this tradition again this year with a donation of $5,000.00.


Our fundraising activities continue to allow us to support the projects we are involved in. Thank You, Bruce and Howard and all our keen BBQ’ers for your efforts, special mention to Peter Hojgaard -Olsen and Harold Sharp who travel from the central coast to be part of our BBQ teams.


Our Fundraising Melbourne Cups Trifecta Ticket sales continue to grow. Thank you, Mark , Angelo, and Cyril for your efforts. To date, we have six new orders.

 I no sooner started my Presidency then PP. Cyril Clark quietly informed me that April 30th, 2019 would see our Club celebrate our 50th Anniversary. So who do you call to arrange an exceptional celebration? Our own Mr. Showman and Vocational Director PP Tom Sweeney of course! Tom together with Celia, Kate and Joy Sweeney planned a Celebratory Dinner that was befitting Of this great milestone.

On the 30th of April 100 guests including DG Susan Wakefield, the Honourable Premier Of NSW Ms. Gladys Berejiklian, the Honourable Member Of North Sydney, Mr. Trent Zimmerman, current and former Crows Nest Rotarians and their partners and Rotarians from surrounding Rotary Clubs Club enjoyed an outstanding night of celebration and fellowship. On the night, Crows Nest Rotary Club’s 50 years of outstanding continuous service was outlined and celebrated. 


RI President Barry Rassin congratulated our Club with a signed Certificate presented By District Governor Susan. The Keynote Speaker was our own Rotarian Michael McQueen who inspired us all with his views of where Rotary fits into the world today and the future.


But what made our 50th anniversary extra special was that we had a Charter Member Of Crows Nest Rotary PP Cyril Clark, present on the night, to celebrate with us. In recognition of his 50 years of continuous service to Crows Nest Rotary Club Cyril was presented with a Ruby Paul Harris Award. Cyril was also presented with a personal letter from RI President Barry Rassin who congratulated Cyril on his 50 years of service. Cyril, you continue to be an active and much loved Member of our Club. YOU are our Inspiration.


This year we welcomed new Members Marian Pereira, and Anthony Jayaraj and welcomed back with open arms PDG Harold Sharp. Thank You, Cyril, John, Bill, Ross, Kate Richard and Anthony for efficiently running the House Committee making sure our weekly meetings run smoothly.Mark, Ian, Philip, and Alon thank you for ensuring our Bulletin is up to date and posted after each meeting.Thank you PP Swapna for posting informative and inspiring stories on our Facebook page.


I wish to personally thank my Board Members  Mark, Owen, Ian, Peter, Philip, Tom, John, George, and Angelo as it is with their stewardship that Crows Nest Rotary Club continues to progress.


I thank outgoing board members PP Peter Coote, John Saunders, and Immediate PP Alon Beran for their years of outstanding service to our Club.

We farewell PP Celia Coote and Dr. Richard Cho. We wish them well.


As I looked back over the last 12 months of my year as President of Crows  Nest Rotary Club I Am in awe of the outstanding achievements you, our Members, have attained.


I am proud to have been the President of this vibrant, energetic, friendly and community-minded Club.  

It is because of you Our Club Members, your partners and friends of our Club, all of whom continue to give generously of their time and continuing support in all avenues of service that Crows Nest Rotary Club achieves over and above expectations for a Club this size.


I consider it has been an honor and a privilege to have been the 50th President of the Rotary Club Of Crows Nest.


Thank You for your support.