On Monday November 5th, our club have the pleasure of Neil Howie (Roseville Chase Rotary) representing the District Foundation Committee (City North Zone).
In terms of the Foundation, we were reminder that 92% of its funds goes into its projects etc, whilst only 2% is spent on Admin, and another 6% on promotion. Quite a remarkable statistics, since some charity spend upto 50% of their $ on their overheads. In terms of the Crows Nest club, last year we have contributed $US13,800 an average of $452 per member, well above the average. Well Done!
A quick re-cap on their contributions. Firstly their District grants which they match $ or $, a club’s contribution to a local project(up to $6,000). Our contribution to a MRI machine at RNSH, and the Taldumande youth program are two of Crows Nest’s recent examples. District has $130,000 available for 2018/19.  Their Global grants for international projects range from $30,000 to $200,000. These require an international club & district to contribute. Completed projects include examples of a Dialysis machine in Fiji, and beds for Children’s hospital in Sierra Leone. Our current project is the SoYouCan water project in Kenya. Both District and International grants have sustainability as the key, and must line up with at least 1 areas of focus. (Peace, disease, education, clean water, saving children & growing local economics)
Foundation’s key international project in POLIO Plus which has the yearly number of Polio cases drop from 350,000 in 1988 to 22 last year and this year. Over 400 million children are vaccinated every year. Also interesting to note is the recent PNG cases(14) are Vaccine derived, as opposed to ‘wild polio’. Worldwide the Rotary foundation’s $150million has been supported by the Gates Foundation’s $300million. PP David Dean is happy to take any enquires on Polio Plus.
Bruce thanked Neil on behalf of the club for his update/refresher on the Foundation.