Posted by Alon Beran
The Rotary club of Crows Nest continues be a force in the Rotary world, achieving huge amounts relative to our club size and member numbers.
We started the financial year with Michael McQueen chairing multiple meetings regarding what the club needs to move forward and stay relevant. The main themes were that the club wanted to continue to grow and to provide service and that order to that we needed to first focus on our goals and what we want to achieve as a club. The next and important step is to become relevant, accessible and in the face of the members we wish to attract so that we can continue to grow as a club.
As a club, we hold regular meetings where the format has now changed. Members are enjoying fellowship; our core group is very committed and hardworking, and we are clear on what we want to achieve. We now have a speaker every second week and a meeting regarding the club’s activities every alternate week. The next step from here is to work on a more accessible meeting format and to increase our exposure to the community through a PR plan and social media plan.
I believe it is the responsibility of each incoming president to decide for themselves whether they are happy with the 5 core areas of work we have set up this year or whether they wish to alter it but for FY17/18 we have focused our service to 5 main categories: Community service, Children’s illness, International projects and Grants, youth and domestic violence/women’s care.
Our 2 streams of fundraising have increased to 3 with the introduction of the poker night last year along with the BBQs and the Melbourne Cup Trifecta – thanks to the dedicated support of the members involved in those – it is what allows us to support the community and is an in integral part of what we do.
Before I highlight the work that we have done as a club in the last 12 months, I want to thank you all for the work that you have done and continue to do. You are a committed and heart strong group of people that selflessly give up your time to do good in this world with very little recognition. You each make the world a slightly better place than it was before by being here and doing the work that you. I will not thank people individually, but I wish to thank my board members, and all members for your continued efforts and support.
  • Regular BBQ at Bunnings Artarmon
  • Melbourne Cup Trifecta
  • Poker Night
Community Participation:
  • We continued our stall at the Crows Nest Fair - giving away popcorn and staying present in our community.
  • The Tree of Joy at Chatswood and Crows Nest
  • Pride of Workmanship awards – this is a reintroduction of this to our community. It recognises those with a commitment to service.
Women and DV:
  • Financial support to local Womens Refuges ; Mary’s House and Delvena House.
  • The cooking project at Delvena House, set up to teach women at risk to prepare/cook nutritious meals and provide them with the tools to do so.
  • Sponsorship of RYLA Candidates for the upcoming course.
  • Taldumande – a grant has been awarded and an ongoing project initiated to provide white goods to the emergency accommodation of youths in need across our community.
Children’s Illness:
  • We will be the major sponsor of the Nueroblastoma Australia Gala Dinner in February.
International Projects and Grants:
  • Continued work to achieve A Rotary Foundation Grant with “So They Can” in Kenya and possibility of a Hippo Rollers project to be discussed after our next meeting.
  • Working on adding another Grant this year either through work on a water project in India or a joint project in Timor Leste with the Sisters of Mercy and Monte Saint Angelo.
  • Financial contribution to Dili Orphan Xmas Party
  • Cost of Schooling for Students Faith and Victoria; Sister Genievive, Kenya
I continue to be proud of the work that we do here and look forward to our continued success in the future.
Alon Beran