Bill Lee started this Crows Nest Rotary relationship, with CAFIU  in 1997 when he and others built 23 schools , either of 5 or 10 classrooms and all with teacher accommodation. An employee of CAFIU, Mr Liu Kaiyang was responsible for managing those early projects. Mr Liu is now the Deputy Secretary General of CAFIU. Ian Pocock, George Condell & myself visited China last week.
George , Ian and I arrived late through flight delays but very early on Sunday and stayed in the Wanshou Hotel, Beijing. The hotel offered European, Chinese  and Japanese food.  There was also a New Zealand delegation of two women and one guy. We visited the Chinese Museum  and went shopping on Sunday afternoon. I credit myself as encouraging both George and Ian to buy clothes and presents..
On Monday we went to Xingtang County where Celia , Bill and George visited in 2013 and initiated a water project in Huanglonggang village. The villagers had water but had to carry it back to the village individually . The project set up a pump and filter and built a water tank on top of a hill to allow water to be reticulated to the village. The transformation has been spectacular and made one proud to be a Rotarian associated with such a worth while project.
Tuesday was a formal day, where the Australian and New Zealand Delegations sat opposite the Chinese representatives of CAFIU. Each side spoke to the other via an interpreter.  I addressed CAFIU on the focus and concepts of Rotary International in the world and the successful  experience of  and good practice of Australian Rotary. The New Zealander’s also gave a presentation. Then there was a question and answer session.
Following that we joined the Rotary Club of Beijing for their weekly  meeting. 35 members of a Swedish Rotary Club were visiting also – so our presence was somewhat overshadowed . Lunch was at a grand Hotel, a 3 course meal and wine included.  In the afternoon we visited a very large very modern milk processing factory owned by Sanyuan Foods Company.
On Wednesday we visited schools in Miyun County. The New Zealand RC of Lower Hutt facilitates teacher exchanges between China and NZ.  The schools we saw were an eye opener. Eleven year olds building electronically powered robots and also equipped with 3-D printers. Huge touch screen TV monitors throughout the school. All weather running tracks and soccer fields and they are teaching all their pupils to speak English.
Thursday brought our trip to an end . We went sightseeing to the Great Wall - and where we went was incredibly steep but that did not stop George and Ian scarpering up to the second fort. I climbed for 25 minutes  but it only took 7 minutes to return.
Then off to lunch and the airport. I think our club has a unique relationship with China and CAFIU and would like to maintain it.