Our Guest Speaker today was Leila Sithole, a Diversional Therapist in Paediatrics at Royal North Shore Hospital. Leila has been in this role for the past 17 years, and has an incredible passion for helping children and their families during difficult times. Having a Science degree, majoring in in Diversional Therapy, her main role is to help children, from berth to 18 years old get through painful procedures not requiring an anaesthetic. Increasingly though one of the major issues facing children today, as young as 11 years old is suicide and depression, and the strong need to reduce the fear and anxiety amongst young children today.
Leila was very thankful in the role Rotary had played over the years in supporting her Treasure Chest Appeal, along with the Christmas gifts coming from the Tree of Joy. She also extended an invitation to our Club to visit the children’s ward at RNS to see her work in action.
She is also the Director of a Personal Training Company which in turn assists people of all ages achieve an improved quality of life through improved fitness.