Monday night, 14th December 2018, our Club held its annual ‘Giving Night’ and Christmas Party.

Many organisations received funds from our Club, read on.... and for photos!
The following organisations received funds from our Club:
Giving Night:
Phoenix House
Destiny Rescue
Mary's House
Orange Sky
Throughout the year:
Rotary Foundation
Delvina Rescue
Mary's House
Indian Sanitation Project
Dilli Ophrans
This equates to $47,000 given away to worthy organisations!  This is the amount of money raised by the Club during Past President Alon's 2017-2018 year. 
That’s what Rotary is all about, helping local community organisations, who in turn help people in need, for example, homeless people, domestic violence victims trying to move on with their lives, Children in our community in need of help, etc.
Its all about giving back!  Members of our Club are big supporters of Rotary. If you have a big heart, I ask why aren't you in Rotary?  Join us next year!  Our first meeting in the New Year is on 14th January 2019 at the church hall, 63 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest.  See you there?