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Crows Nest Rotary club is holding a Charity Poker evening. Organised with the help of the National Poker League (NPL) 50% of the prize pool will go to Rotary.
Starting at 7pm, Saturday 24th October,(NOTE Change of DATE) it will be held at Club Willoughby (26 Crabbes Ave, Willoughby) and the bistro will be open from 6pm, for a meal prior to the start of play, or at the 8pm break. 
The evening is designed to cater for both experienced poker players & beginners. To help Rotarians & friends match the regulars there will be lesson from 6pm til 7pm.  Our organiser is also available to attend any Rotary meetings to explain the game, and offer some tips. On top of that for non-NPL players there will be two “phone a friend” cards, where you can ask the tournament director for advice about your hand. (Not allowed on final table). Most tables will have at least one NPL player who will be more than helpful with the rules.  Cheat sheets will also be available.
$25 entry with the OPTION of re-buying chips if you are knocked out before the break or at the break topping up your chips.  Whilst the prize money will depend on the number of entries, it will be possible to end the evening with a profit.  There will also be prizes for 4 of a kind or higher, a Rotarian knocking out a NPL player, etc     
Have a fun night - Play for a worthy cause with a chance to make money, and improve your poker skills. Get a group of friends together and challenge each other!
All enquires / RSVPs to Mark Staples, Crows Nest Rotary.  Email at or ph. 0419 619 530