May 04, 2020
Michael Kelly
Give yourself a VoiceLIFT. How to anti-age your voice
Michael's working career is fairly simple. He was sponsored as a speech pathologist to immigrate to Australia from the United States in 1982 due to a skills shortage and worked in that career until 1992. From 1992 he transitioned from speech pathology to his own business in business communication training and has been focused on that work until the present. 
- To be clear the presentation will be tailored to retirees improving their voice communication, and not focussed in any way on pitching for work.
Our speaker Michael Kelly is a former speech pathologist and now business communication trainer. Michael immigrated from the United States in 1982 and has been working in his own business since 1992. The title of his talk is Give yourself a voiceLIFT. How to anti-age your voice.
Michael holds a Master of Science degree in speech pathology and a Bachelor or Arts degree in English.
For over 10 years Michael has been interested in how older people can change their speaking voice so they sound younger and attract other people to want to interact with them. He'll share practical techniques to achieve this change