Apr 20, 2020
Joanna Mansfield,CEO Worldshare
Potential Projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Joanna organisation has recently been speaking with our overseas ministry partners about projects that might be of interest to our club and to the international rotary body. There’s one in particular that seems to be a shining light – it’s the building of 10 flush toilets in a school for deaf people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s one that Joanna has personally volunteered at for an extended period of time so can attest to the incredible work they do in a country which has enormous developmental needs – especially for children with disabilities. The school, called Ephphatha Centre for the Deaf, is based in Goma and has a pre-existing relationship with the local rotary club in Goma, who are keen to be involved in this project, so it could be a great option for international grant-matching.