Jan 22, 2018
Georgie Wallace
Dial a Mum

Georgie Wallace a member of Dial A Mum for over 12 years and President for the past 5 years. I am a mum of five and a grandmother of 8 so joining Dial A Mum seemed a natural fit for me, but was an eye opener when I realised that we needed to listen to people of all ages who just needed comfort and a voice on the end of the phone to listen to them.
Dial A Mum is a not for profit telephone listening service which has been operating for over 40 years.
It was started by a psychiatrist Dr Paul Finlayson who recognised the isolation and loneliness of a lot of people in the community.
We are a generic phone line rather than a specific one such as Grief Hotline, Rape Crisis Line and Beyond Blue etc.
 A lot of the smaller phone helplines have closed down due to lack of funding and unfortunately Dial A Mum is threatened by the same fate unless we can rectify this asap.
We only need $10,000 a year to operate and in the past have had generous benefactors and business as well as our own fundraising to keep us going, but unless this has all finished and now we are on our own.