Feb 05, 2018
Martin O'Dea
Learning about Hippo Rollers

Martin is a registered landscape architect and Associate Director at the Sydney Office of CLOUSTON Associates, where he is the Design Manager.

He has expertise in Landscape Architecture, master planning and water sensitive urban design.      

In 2009 he came across the Hippo Water Roller.  Struck by its design simplicity and its ability to solve the pressing problem of lack of access to water for thousands of people worldwide, Martin became involved as a donor.

For the last few years he and his family have been supporting the community of Marapyane with a bi annual donation of rollers.  Located 150km north of Johannesburg, This community of about 2000 people has no running water on tap.

Keen to champion the benefits of the Hippo Water Roller Project, he was appointed in 2015 as the organisations Australasian Pro Bono representative