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Last Saturday marked the first day of Bunnings BBQ Operations,where for the first time in fifteen years we have a Bunnings approved price increase of one dollar for the sausage sizzle,and although the day was relatively quiet due to the inclement weather,we still received a boost to our return which was great to see,and well done to all participants involved.What was interesting to see that the customers were very supportive of the increase and believed it was well earned and not before time.
So we put it down as a win-win.
President Ross
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Board Minutes 8th June 2022
Evening Social Dates
the dates booked for June/July 2022 are;
30th July 2022
13th August 2022 
27th August 2022
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click Here   
Meeting Responsibilities Roster
The Roster is being prepared and will issue soon. Watch this space.

Evening Social Dates!

On and from 25th July 2022, every fourth Monday will be a Social Evening! Click here!
President's Extra Message
July's theme is Rotary Leadership Month!
This month's theme is "New Leadership Month."  Rotary brings community leaders together who have a common characteristic: the desire to serve.  As leaders we have a responsibility to our community, local and globally, to place service above self to make the world a better place.
July is the start of new Rotary officers' year of service.   Congratulations and all the best to the new Board team!

Our next meeting is on Monday, the 8th of August 2022, at the Union Hotel.

Our new District Governor ,Mina Howard will be visiting the Club . 

We look forward to Mina's visit and would ask that all available Members attend

This meeting is a face to face Meeting ,12:30 for 12:50pm start at the Union Hotel. 

And for the time being ,we have returned to every 2nd week via Zoom.  
Check weekly eBulletin for confirmation of next meeting.
​​​​​​Last Monday's Meeting on the 1st of August
Kate proposed the RI Toast to the Rotary Club of Longreach ,the most western Club in all of Queensland. Our Guest Speaker was Harold Sharp ,former Club Member and Chairman of ROMAC ,which was Harold's topic for today.
ROMAC have just processed their first patient in over two years due to Covid. Baby Melenaite from Tonga has had a very large tumour removed from her rear side and is now recovering well,two months later . Our thanks are extended to all the ROMAC volunteers who have enabled this crucial surgery to occur and to the support we have received from the Canberra Hospital,which kindly made space for the baby in what has been a very difficult and busy time for all hospitals.
During our Meeting ,Wendy from Bangkok ,a Facebook connection organised by Swapna,joined in on our Meeting,while she was travelling in a taxi to the airport.
Updates from
Mark-Sydney Cove Club has raised $3.6 million for Ukraine
Swapna advised that over 800 people have now connected through Facebook
Phil has filled in all the relevant forms for the ADG to brief the DG for her visit next Monday.Well done Phil.
Angelo is working with Chris Anthony ,who runs Teachers on Wheels ,to set up training programmes in East Timor .Challenge for the Timorese(3000 arrived this year) ,as when they come to Australia on working visas ,they can only get jobs in agriculture .So ,to get work in areas like Aged Care they need to have Australian Accredited qualifications ,which are currently not available in Timor .Also looking at the Trades as well
From Sue,Mary's House advised of their District Grant for which they were very appreciative
Last Wednesday,D-Cafe was in operation at CNCC which went very well.
Lea and Geraldyn(wife of Edmund) are also obtaining accreditation to become volunteers.
One of the outside BBQ volunteers,Luke,suggested a QR code where BBQ customers ,or anyone for that matter could obtain information on the Club and our Activities .Lea in her incredible efficiency had this up and going within two days.Many thanks to Lea.
Ian,on International,at  Maliana in East Timor work has begun on excavating a new bore well adjacent to the Traning Centre site,to test the water quality and determine the flow rate.
George advises that a Membership enquiry has come from the BBQ which he is following up.Also received two enquiries via our Facebook page. Unfortunately,they appear to reside well outside our area.
Kate has a request from Canteen if we can help with their Bandana Day through Bandana sales at either the BBQ or Crows Nest Fair
Howard tells us  although turnover was down for last week's BBQ,with the price increase profit was up to $1700.We appear to have a number of supplies left over
Next BBQ on the 13th of August and the shifts will appear on Clubrunner.It was decided that all BBQ volunteers,non Rotarians, will be invited to  Club Partner Night Meetings.
Lea is now in the process of organising for our stand at the Crows Nest Fair on the 16th of October.With her usual efficiency,Lea has this well in Hand.
Plenty of discussion on Meeting frequency,options discussed but decision deferred to Wednesday Night's Board Meeting.
- 3rd August Board meeting 
- 16th October Crows Nest Fair 
- 28th-30th October - Zone 8 Conference @ Canberra 
- 28th November our Club's Annual General Meeting 
- 17th - 19th March 2023 District Conference - Cowra  
- May 27th - 31st - Rotary International Conference - MELBOURNE 
Presidents Changeover 27 June 2022
A Great night was had by all at our Presidents Changeover, 27th June 2022, and Pride of Workmanship Awards, and an Induction of our new Member Kevin!  We all wish Kevin a happy, successful experience as a Rotarian! 
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Bunnings BBQs
Thanks to Bunnings Artarmon, our Club has continued to run BBQs, which are our major fund raiser.  Although exhausting, we all enjoy them!
Last Saturday started slow,, then speeded up by lunchtime,


Aug 08, 2022
Future plans of the Club!
Aug 15, 2022
Regionalisation Proposal for discussion
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