Hello Rotarians,
Still ,still MIA,but on behalf of the President couldn't make it last week but will be back on deck next Monday, looking forward to catching up with everyone .See you all soon.
Cheers Alon
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Our next BBQ at Bunnings Artarmon is on Saturday 27th January, 2018.
Next Meeting is on Monday the 22nd January.     
This Monday we have Dial a Mum coordinator Georgie Wallace .
Georgie Wallace a member of Dial A Mum for over 12 years and President for the past 5 years. I am a mum of five and a grandmother of 8 so joining Dial A Mum seemed a natural fit for me, but was an eye opener when I realised that we needed to listen to people of all ages who just needed comfort and a voice on the end of the phone to listen to them.
Dial A Mum is a not for profit telephone listening service which has been operating for over 40 years.
It was started by a psychiatrist Dr Paul Finlayson who recognised the isolation and loneliness of a lot of people in the community.
We are a generic phone line rather than a specific one such as Grief Hotline, Rape Crisis Line and Beyond Blue etc.
 A lot of the smaller phone helplines have closed down due to lack of funding and unfortunately Dial A Mum is threatened by the same fate unless we can rectify this asap.
We only need $10,000 a year to operate and in the past have had generous benefactors and business as well as our own fundraising to keep us going, but unless this has all finished and now we are on our own.

From our first Meeting last Monday.  
Richard Cho proposed an international toast to the Rotary Club of Melbourne.
Tom Sweeney gave an up-date on the new show he will be directing for the Willoughby Amateur Theatre Group,Strictly Ballroom which will open in May of this year.Promises to be a great show.
Last Saturday's BBQ relatively quiet ,with one box full of sausages not used.Turnover down to $1500.
From Mark Staples the Next Board Meeting on the 12th of Feb, as part of the normal meeting.
Sue Raveane received a Thank You note for the Club's efforts in supporting the Tree of Joy in December,in particular the gifts received by Taldumande, Marys House,Delvena Womens Refuge,and Catholic Care.See attachment .
Angelo mentioned that in Dilli,Timor Leste,RYLA will be celebrating it's 10th Anniversary next year,and requested as many members as possible come across to join in the celebrations
To celebrate Jo's 60th birthday,George Condell took his entire family ,including kids and grandkids to the see the snow and go skiing in St Antons in Austria.This was a grand reunion as George has a daughter living with her family in Tanzania. They had a ball ,skiing and snow boarding and enjoying the party atmosphere of St Antons,returning via Munich.
To cap the meeting off ,George being the speaker drew his own ticket number in the members draw and then drew the joker from the card pack,to win the jackpot,whose amount is to be announced.
The incident is being investigated by the Club's Ethics Committee.
Celia has just received an up-date from Sister Genevieve and the academic performance of the girls at the special school in Tanzania

Dear Celia and all at Crows Nest Rotary Club,

Happy new year to you all as I continue to pray for you all and thank God for you. I hope all are doing fine. I know I have not been communicating as often as I used to before. The reason is I am in school studying and you know what that is, a lot of paper work indeed.

 Good news about the performance of Faith and Victoria, the two Girls that you assist in their education in Kenya.

 Faith score A- and Victoria C. The results are for their fourth year in High school. Now are waiting for university calling letters. I still make this appeal to you to continue supporting them in their university Education. I believe in the saying that many times people say: you educate a woman, you have educated a nation: These Girls have both come from far in their lives and the sky is the limit. They are ready to do their very best in university.
Wishing you all the best in 2018.
Sr. Genevieve


Others News
  • Please take note of the new Bunnings BBQ schedule for the first half of 2018. Any concerns please discuss with Howard.
  • The Financial Report from 2017was approved
  • Heads up the ROMAC 30th Anniversary Dinner will be held on Friday March16th in the Strangers Dining Room at NSW Parliament House. Special guest is Rotary International President, Ian Riseley.  Dual citizens are allowed to attend.  Details will follow.
  • Board Meeting  - February 12th
  • Neuroblastoma Gala - 23rd February
  • District Conference 10th - 11th of March
  • ROMAC 30th Anniversary 16th of March
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