Greetings all, 
Our District Governor, Christine Owen accompanied by our AG Jenny May visited our Club last Monday.  I am grateful to those members who attended - sorry we missed a number of you due to work and travel commitments.    Christine spoke glowingly about the efforts Crows Nest was making towards various projects and outlined initiatives District wise.  She spoke about cyber security within Clubs, a project to collect old mobile phones, the walk  against domestic violence and told us that District 9685 currently has 66 Clubs and 1660 Rotarians. Swapna gleefully announced that our Facebook currently has 1245 followers and 782 Likes.  A mighty effort thanks Swapna.  We welcomed Louise Stablina to the meeting as our 'saucy BBQ buddy', she is great fun and a potential member.  Bill and Lydia are currently in Japan, Mark is off to Europe and Kate is off to Switzerland.  Is anyone left???   See you at the Crows Nest Hotel next Monday ! 
President Tom
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Board Minutes 10th August 2023
Evening Social Dates
Our next BBQ is Saturday is September 16th & October 7th & 28th, November 11 & 25th.     
For the latest Roster  - Click Here   
Meeting Responsibilities Roster
Our next meeting is Monday 4th September - Josephine Ng 
This will be Lunch at the Crows Nest Hotel  (Note new venue - Trial for the month of September) 
 Meeting in the boardroom on  Level 1. 
Josephine was our RYLA candidate for this year. She will share her experience with us. 
Schedule for the year: 
Date: 2023
Monday 4th September  Lunch - Crows Nest Hotel 
Monday 11th September  Zoom Meeting 
Monday 25th September  Dinner - Crows Nest Hotel 
Monday 9th October  Lunch - Venue TBA 
Monday 16th October Zoom Meeting 
Monday 30th October  Dinner - TBA 
Lunch meetings: 12.30pm for 12.50pm 
Dinner meetings 6.30pm for  7pm 
Zoom Meetings 12.30pm.  Link:   Click here at 12.30pm to join us!
Last Meeting - Monday 28th August    -  DG Visit 
Toast:  Sue toasted the   Rotary Club of Singapore           
District Governor , Christine Owen,  visited us this week. 
Christine updated us on the district membership (66 clubs & 1660 members of which 33% are female).  She shared an interesting story of what drove RI president Gordon McInally to his theme of "Creating Hope in the World". 
Christine's focus areas/Goals for her year are  1. Engaging members 2. Collaboration with other clubs 3. Foundation  4. Campaign to "Say NO to domestic Violence". 
There has been a committee set up to look into Cyber Security, and finally a big invite to the District Conference at Terrigal on March 15th/16th.    
Directors gave a overview of the club activities. (refer board minutes for details). 
Member news:
- Remember we will be meeting at the Crows Nest Hotel for the month of September.
- Crows Nest Fair (October 15th) - Will be co-ordinated by the Condells. 
- Our Facebook page now has 2000 Followers & likes. 
- RAWCS has a fund set-up for the Maui Fires. 
- Polio train schedule & details are now out. October 24th - 220 stations to be visited. 
- Last BBQ made $1969. Next BBQ September 16th. 
- Mosman club has Harding Millar education scholarship for girls - Details in the July RDU.
- 15th October - Crows Nest Fair
- 24th October - End Polio Train Ride   
- 13th November AGM 
- 18th December - Giving Night / Xmas party 
- 15th/16th March 2024 - District Conference - Terrigal 
- 25th - 29th May - Rotary International Conference - Singapore 
Bunnings BBQs
Thanks to Bunnings Artarmon, our Club has continued to run BBQs, which are our major fund raiser.  Although exhausting, we all enjoy them!
Last Saturday started slow,, then speeded up by lunchtime,


Sep 04, 2023
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