Dear Members and Friends,
Despite a few hick ups with supplies, another very successful BBQ last Saturday with $1400 profit achieved.  Well done for all involved.   It’s also good to see that we’re back to our old manning levels of four each shift with an extra person covering the busy mid-day period from 10am to 2pm.   And, don’t forget, we have to back again next week, so please check the schedule.
Bill, Philip and I attended the Virtual District Assembly on Sunday covering Foundation and International, thus meeting our obligation for District and International Grants.   We are now under pressure to come up with a suitable District Grant, hopefully by the end of May, for next Rotary year.
Please note that Philip has just sent out the invitations for the Changeover night on June the 28th, so please respond back on the invitation email.
We must thank our Assistant Governor, John Zhang, for not only attending our Meeting last Monday, but also filling in the role as Guest Speaker based on the charity he is deeply involved in, Special Children Services Centre Inc, covering areas like, people living with Intellectual Disabilities, along with Support Programmes for Participants and their Carers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.
John and his support group have been supporting this cause for almost 15 years, an incredible effort.
Remember, the President’s Changeover Dinner, and Pride of Workmanship Awards, 28th of June 2021,
Enough to keep us occupied.
So, in the meantime, stay safe
Yours In Rotary
President Ian
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Board Minutes 07 April 2021
Our next Bunnings BBQ is May 22nd.   
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
Meeting Responsibilities Roster

Next Meeting is Monday 24th May - by Zoom

Next Zoom meeting  is Monday May 24th @ 12.30pm. Speaker to be advised.

 CLICK HERE for Zoom meetings:   Rotary Crows Nest Zoom
We still are continuing to rotate every 2nd week between Zoom & Union Hotel. 

Last Meeting Monday:  17th May 2021 our speaker was our Assistant District Governor, John Zhang.
John explained that he has been the President of Special Children Services Centre, (SCSC) based in Ashfield, for the last 3 years. 
"At SCSC, we support people living with intellectual, cognitive and developmental disabilities, as well as their families and carers. Our participants come from diverse backgrounds and live throughout the Sydney. 
We deliver activities and programs to the people we support, to foster greater autonomy and nurture community engagement. Through these programs, people with disability can acquire important social and life skills that enable them to live a fulfilling life. 
For more information about how you can benefit from a range of our programs please visi Programs & Activities.
SCSC supports children, teenagers and young adults with intellectual disabilities by respecting their dignity and independence and the achievement of their life goals.
SCSC provides a wide range of programs and activities to people with disabilities, their families and carers to realise their full potential, to promote their wellbeing and to support them to fully participate in the community.
For more than ten years, SCSC has been supporting people with intellectual disabilities, their families and carers to take part in different activities for leading them to fulfilling lives.
In working with the participants and their families, we aim to
  • support their wellbeing by delivering a wide range of activities
  • maximise the ability of the participants and to realise their potential
  • support the participants in community participation
  • develop their daily living and social skills
  • support the parents and carers to cope with their demanding caring roles
International Toast - proposed by the Ian to Rotary Club of Jerusalem, Israel.  Chartered in 1929.  
 - Volunteers are welcome to join Cyril & Ian at the annual Red Shield appeal on 30 May.  
 - Two Pride of Workmanship nominations have been received.   
 - Angelo reported that Food parcels are being processed in East Timor.   
 - Next D_Cafe is May 26th. 
 - Howard reported that  Monte's East Timor Water project in Maliana project with Monte i still on hold due to COVID19. 
 - Ideas for new local projects for a district grant are needed by May. 
 - Ross is updating our WWC (Working with Children) register. Expect an email from him.  
 - District assembly (part 2) continues on May 23rd and 30th May. 
 - President Elect Philip has visited some Noosa clubs and encourages us to visit other clubs. 
 - Tom has tickets left for his show  "Priscilla" for 3pm Sunday May 23rd. Please email Tom ( to reserve a seat. 
 - Sunday May 23rd/30th - Virtual District assembly sessions continue   
 - Sunday May 23rd. Priscilla Show at Chatswood Concourse theatre. 
 - Sunday May 30th  - Red Shield Appeal 
 - Wednesday 9th June 6pm Board Meeting on Zoom
 - June 12 - 16  International Convention - Taipei - Now Virtual
 - Monday 28th June - Presidents Changeover Dinner, 6.30pm Northbridge Golf Club. Includes Pride of Workmanship Awards. 
 - Sunday July 4th - District Changeover 
 - Monday 26th July, District Governor visit to the club 

Zoom Meetings
This what our Zoom meetings look like. 
Until Further Notice every 2ND Monday meeting  will be on Zoom. Check eBulletin for dates. 
Please click on this link; Rotary Crows Nest Zoom
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President Changeover & Pride of Workmanship Dinner
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