Hello all, 

I want to thank everybody that attended the meeting on Monday for being there and being a part of the discussion. Many thanks to our District Governor, Peter Ward and our District Zone Assistant Governor, Ward Pollard, for their attendance and input to our discussion.  Thank you especially to Michael for facilitating.  I think it was a worthwhile session in which we also received feedback from the District Governor, an acknowledgement that we are not alone in this issue, and that we are heading in the right direction.   As a follow up I would like our Monday September 4th meeting to be a discussion/forum on what we draw from this and who will take responsibility for exploring our new projects. I believe each project once implemented by the board, needs to have 2 volunteers who connect with the project to distribute the workload and encourage involvement.   I would like each member to bring one local project idea to the meeting and I would like to discuss further - What are the unique skills sets and capabilities of our members that we can bring to the community?  Where can we add value? How much does the Club want to change?  How can we narrow our focus on what we do?  We have already changed the format of our meetings.  What are our passions that we consider are top priority?  Domestic Violence appears a hot issue.  Another is helping young people apply for jobs, by mentoring them.   Some food for thought.  Thank you again for being at the meeting and the time you commit to this club.

Yours in Rotary                                                                                             
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Our next BBQ at Bunnings Artarmon is on Saturday 9th September, 2017.
 Next Meeting is MONDAY the 28th of August 2017 - Mark Anderson
Mark will be introducing the members to a project in rural Mewat, Haryyana, India, "Toilet Installation and Sanitation Training".
Mark is the Senior Coordinator, Fund Development for The Rotary Foundation based in the South Pacific and Philippines with an Office in Parramatta. He has been a Rotarian for 30 years, being a member in Clubs in Victoria, New South Wales and South Africa.
LAST MONDAY's Meeting - 21st August 2017 - Michael McQueen hosted a discussion on 'what is the future of our Club??
Michael recapped on what we discussed last session:
-    what do you love most about our Club? Is it 80% People/relationships, or do we want to socialise more? Invite new members? educate the community?
-    What things do we need to do LESS of?  do we need speakers?
-    Are we a service club? Or a fund raising Club? It was suggested that over the last few years we have leaned towards being a fund raising club.
What is the cost of our BBQs? Is there a cost of member burnout from giving up half their Saturdays almost every Saturday to flip sausages?   Is there a cost to potential new members?   For example does the young professional want to give up his weekend time with his kids and family on a Saturday?   Michael suggested this would be a barrier for new members!  Our BBQs are a good interaction with the public, but is this all the public sees, ie Rotary members flipping sausages each fortnight?   Do they see what other things Rotary does?
One thing we looked at last discussion was; at a BBQ, how do we sell our Club to potential new members?  If asked this question, every member must have in his mind and relate at least three projects, where profit from the BBQs is spent on.
Ask yourself, why do successful businesses fail?   Why do they lose that successful ‘edge’?
Michael explained: for the last few years, he has been part of an RI planning committee which is looking at the question, ‘where is Rotary going world wide?’. World wide, why do some Clubs flourish and some fold?  RI has found that there are several reasons Clubs flourish: 1) every time they meet, there is a purpose for it, its not just a process, ie a getting together.  We mus ask ourselves then, and be very clear about, what is the purpose of our Monday meetings?  If our primary reason is ‘socialising’ then we are going to have difficulty attracting young professionals to become members.  How can you ask a young professional, with expectations in the business world today, to take 2.5 hours out of his day to just ‘socialise?’  What is the ‘return on their investment’?  Michael has seen some Clubs change their format and evolve into a quick drink after work during which they discuss projects and progress, and it last 30 minutes, and if some have the time, they stay and socialise.
2) fund raising becomes an enabler of activity, not the primary activity.  And this point is important for each member to get his head around!!  Just look at our calendar of events in the weekly Bulletin? The first five activities are Bunnings BBQs!  Is this an example of what our Club is doing in the community?  Michael has seen some Clubs where they have only one fund raising activity per year, which they really rev’ up, and for the rest of the year their calendar becomes, a list of activities on how they interact with their community and spend that money wisely.  Their question becomes, what activities do they say ‘NO’ too to enable them to focus on their mission of interacting with the community?
So our Club needs to determine ‘where do they go from here’?  What are our community’s needs?  If these cannot be easily determined, then lets look at the range of qualifications and experience of our members.  What are the unique skills sets and capabilities of our members that we can bring to the community?  Where can we add value?
How much does the Club want to change?  To be more effective?  How can we narrow our focus on what we do?  We have already changed the format of our meetings.  What are our passions that we consider are top priority?  Domestic Violence appears a hot issue.  Another is helping young people apply for jobs, by mentoring them.
Michael then asked the members for ideas; members spoke of previous projects.  We need to keep identifying organisations we can help.  Our projects need to inspire young professionals to join us.  Our President invited members to bring ideas for projects to our fortnightly discussions for consideration.  We need to connect with organisations, such as the PCYC and Local Council Welfare/Community Officers and invite them to present to our meetings.  We need to explain to our community our presentation nights, and those organisations we help, so they see how we make a difference.  A ‘socialising night’ was suggested.  Scouts and Guides were suggested.  Some members related occasions where they had been rejected or put off by organisations, and ‘rejection fatigue’ was mentioned, however it was prompted that we need to go back to those organisations again to determine whether things have changed and we might play a role.  Rotary being ‘in the face’ of the community was suggested with ‘Pride of Workmanship nights’.  Within the start up ‘social enterprise’ (non-profit) business community, run a ‘Shark Tank’, inviting young entrepreneurs to pitch for a grant of money.  Run a big fund raiser for an organisation.
The President wound up the meeting by thanking Michael for his leadership of the meeting and suggested that we had identified quite a few ideas that members should dwell on and bring back to our discussion meeting in two weeks time.  Next week a local Church Minister is presenting his need for the community.
In accordance with the Club’s new meeting format, during the meeting, the President received several quick reports from Directors upon the progress made with the Club’s projects during the last week.
In Other News
  • International Toast by Angleo, was to the Rotary Club of Salamanca, Spain, whose meetings start at 11.30pm, using the European twilight!

  • The decision to go with ROMAC's fund raising exercise associated with the opening of a new five star hotel, the Sofitel at Darling Harbour, has seen a $20/ticket, added to each member's subscription, with the option of buying additional tickets.   Any shortfall would be covered by the Club,and the total amount  would become our annual donation to ROMAC

  • the next Board Meeting is Monday 11th September 2pm

  • 4th Sept - Follow-up discussion session on the club's Future 
  • Following the success of last year's Anita Cobby Memorial Dinner another is being organised for 19th September to support the building of Grace's Place.
  • Next year's International Conference is to held in Toronto,Canada.The ever present Bill Lee will be our Club's Co-ordinator/Champion for this event.
The Poker Night, is on again!!  Saturday 21st October at the North Sydney Leagues Club, 7pm.  Please put this date in your diary now!!
But before that is the Trivia Night on 25th August 2017, benefiting Phoenix House!
Aug 28, 2017
Toilet Installation and Sanitation Training in rural Mewat,Haryana,India.
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