Dear Fellow Rotarians and FriendS!

Well here we are, back to reality after the ‘high’ of the Changeover Dinner!

The news on the COVID19 front is not looking good!   Victoria, is having problems and New South Wales is teetering on the brink.   Of course this all impacts on our Rotary activities in many ways.   

We will continue to have Zoom Meetings through August, as the Crows Nest Hotel continues to tighten their social distancing rules, and the Bunnings BBQ requirements are being negotiated by our GURU members, Bruce, Cyril and Howard.  At the time of writing we are scheduled for our first Bunnings BBQ, on the 1st of August, but this may be subject to change.  Watch this space!   A BBQ Roster will issue soon!   We are learning fast, and our ability to adapt to changing situations is our strength!

At our last Meeting the presentation was a good news story from Luke and Liz, from the Rotary Club of Northbridge, on their work in helping the Kathmandu Rotary Club supply personal protective equipment, (PPE’s) hand wash stations, etc, to the local Nepalese people in their fight against COVID19.    A number of other Rotary Clubs have donated to this project, and in June 2020 our Club donated US$3,000.   A very worthy cause!

I would like to thank those members who have already responded to the ‘July 2020, Membership Satisfaction Survey’, and I look forward to receiving the remaining surveys from other members in due course.

Next weeks Monday meeting will be our first evening Zoom meeting, at 7.30pm, when our Speaker is a Regional Tourism Manager, on the subject of ‘Relocation to Orange and Region, or just a visit!’  Interesting ‘Tree Change.’   See you all on Zoom next Monday!

Yours in Rotary, Stay Safe!
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Board Minutes 7 April 2020
Bunnings has advised that our BBQs are back in August and we are booked in for the 1st, 15th and 29th.  Roster to follow soon!
Meeting Responsibilities Roster
2020 - 2021
Our Next Meeting on Monday 27th July 2020 our Speaker will be Glenn Mickle, Manager Tourism, Orange    
TIME: 7.30pm LOCATION:  ZOOM Just click on this link.
Glenn Mickle, Tourism Manager for Orange City Council, has kindly agreed to 'enlighten' us on the attributes Orange and its Region has to offer the Retiree, (tree changer) or occasional visitor/tourist.  
Orange is a New South Wales city located on 254 km west of Sydney. With a population over 37,000, the city is 13th most populous place in NSW. It also ranks 34th largest urban centre by population in Australia;   
  1. It was named for Prince William of Orange, later William I of the Netherlands.
  2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 6.6% of the population.
  3. Orange is a well-known fruit growing district, and produces apples, pears, and many stone fruits. It is interesting to know that even the city is called Orange, but oranges are not grown in the area, since its climate is too cool.
  4. Orange is the birthplace of poets Banjo Paterson and Kenneth Slessor.
  5. The city is relatively wet for an inland location. The climate has enabled the area to be a major apple and pear producer, and more recently a centre for cool-weather wine production.
  6. Orange is four hours west of Sydney by car. Travellers would take the Great Western Highway to Bathurst and the Mitchell Highway to Orange.
  7. The postcode of Orange NSW is 2800.
ALL July meetings will be via Zoom. 
Meetings will alternate each Monday, - 7.30pm on the 2nd & 4th Monday of the month.  12.30pm on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of the month.
Just click on this link five minutes before the Meeting.

Last Meeting - Monday July 20th - Rotary NorthBridge Nepal Project

International Toast: 

Cyril proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Santa Monica 
Luke Keighery and Liz Grey from the RC of Northbridge presented on their actions/plans to address the appeal from the President of the Rotary Club of Kathmandu, to assist with the impact of COVID19 on the people of Nepal. Health care & hygiene are poor in Nepal due to their lack of money.  The request include items like PPE(personal protection equipment), Hand washing stations , food and community awareness.   Mainly for the disabled and deprived community people. 
Northbridge Rotary with assistance from a District Grant, and other local clubs have distributed $75,00 to date with more rolling in.    
Luke is impressed with the Rotary Club of Katmandu. They are well organised with a plan which is working well. Also being extremely active & dedicated there are no concerns about the money not being effectively used. 
Moving forward there is still a lot more to do with the current activities (PPE,Hand washing stations etc), but they also need to support the visually impaired & get isolation wards into maternity hospitals. 
President Ian ended the presentation by committing to donate $3000 to this project. 
 - Discussions still in progress about our return to the Crows Nest Hotel. The July 27th meeting will be via Zoom at  7.30pm. 
 - Bruce/Cyril continue discussions on the revised process for our return to the Bunnings BBQ, hopefully on August 1st. Howard & Angelo are working on the roster. We will also identify those who are comfortable with the Point of Sale Square device. Mark is happy to offer training.   
     Monday August 3rd District Governor's Visit - David Clark 
     Monday November 30th AGM
     Monday December 7th. Xmas Party/Giving night. 
Zoom Meetings
This what our Zoom meetings look like. During July / August we plan to trail Zoom meetings at 7.30pm on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month. 
Subject to COVID19 restrictions we plan to hold our usual lunchtime meetings on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Monday LIVE at a local hotel (Still being worked thru). 
Please Just click on this link. for the Zoom meeting. 
Changeover 2019/2020 Year in Review
Monday July 13th 2020 saw President Mark Staples handover to incoming President Ian Pocock.  
Year in Review: 
Despite the Challenge of COVID19 we have a number of achievements.
Community Services under Sue’s management
Key achievement is that we have reactivated a strong relationship with the Crows Nest community centre. It is great to see CEO Denise here tonight. Tom was MC at their Seniors week, Philip was their ‘best Santa ever’ at their Xmas lunch, we ran a BBQ for Children’s week, submitted a grant for IPADs in Ian’s year, and also have a Laundry for the homeless on the radar. Our biggest CCNC project, in conjunction with North Sydney & North Sydney Sunrise clubs, was setting up a Dementia Café at the centre. All the prework was done just before COVID19 shut the centre down. We plan to open the Café in Dementia awareness week in September. Big effort by both Denise and Sue.
Another big event was our sponsorship of the Neuroblastoma Gala Dinner in February which raised $150,000 for research into this cancer that only impacts kids under 6 and kills 50% - great cause and great exposure for the club.
We again participated in the 2019 Tree of Joy Christmas project at Chatswood Chase. Crows Nest Rotary together with neighboring Clubs in the Chatswood and Roseville areas collected donated Christmas gifts and hampers from the local community and local business organisations. These were distributed to a large number of charities and organisations bringing a little happiness to those less fortunate and struggling in our community. Lets not forget our continued support for Mary’s house, a refuge for victims of domestic violence, as well as a BBQ for the Crows Nest Xmas Carols and participation in the Crows Nest Fair. I’m sure I missed a few other activities.
Philip leading the youth portfolio this year, enabled Phoenix House to receive our contribution, together with a District Grant, to establish a new IT Laboratory for their teenagers.  Phoenix House continue to run educational services and a ‘drop in’ coffee shop for youth.  Their CEO Edward is here tonight. Taldumande Youth Services continue to receive our support and they remain in our focus with simple things like $250 for a microwave a few months back. 
The Club sought applications for Rotary District’s annual Youth Programmes, such as, the Model United Nations Assembly, Rotary Leadership Awards, and Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment, but this year there were no applications and many programmes were cancelled due to COVID19.  Thanks Philip. Also for Zoom and eBulletin efforts.
I did give our local community priority over International. Our local Police commander has reminded us that the lower North Shore is NOT immune from the problems of homeless, domestic violence, youths.  However, Internationally Crows Nest Club, under Ian, is working with Mosman Club on the supply of water suitable for drinking and sanitation purposes at the future Teachers Training College in Maliana, East Timor. On hold with COVID19 with the architect awaiting Government approval for his plans.
Unfortunately after 3 years, we had to cancel our project for water harvesting and the construction of suitable toilet blocks at two schools in East Pokot, Southern Kenya. Lack of finance from the local Rotary club, tendering issues and the final nail in the coffin was COVID19, plus recent floods. This was disappointing given the effort put in by Ian & Howard as well as our partner SoTheyCan.
With Howards Guidance we were award the District Silver Award for our continued support of ShelterBox.  Please talk to Howard if you haven’t heard of ShelterBox. 
We continue to oversee RYLA in East Timor and support the annual Orphan’s Xmas party in Dilli. Thanks Ian – Also an eBulletin editor.
Whilst small our membership is stable with no net loss of members this year. Director George has returned from his 2 year sabbatical and I’m know that Ian & George have big plans for this year
We remain key supporters of the Rotary Foundation as well as ensuring that we apply for the maximum grant which I have already mentioned. Director Bill tells me 3 members were centurions this year, and I have personally given two Paul Harris awards to members for significant donations. They do not wish any fanfare.
In the vocational world we had to cancel our planned for a joint Pride of Workmanship awards function, in March, with 4 other local clubs, but it is fantastic that director Tom can present to our nominations shortly.
Thanks Tom & Bill for their input to the board. Also lets me not forget to also acknowledge our treasurer, Owen, and my right hand man – Secretary Angelo.  
On the financial front, for those of you who missed last December’s Giving night, it was a pleasure to see PP Sue give away over $50,000.  I have already given $16,000 for charities like Blaze aid and a few already mentioned. Unfortunately I need to mention that word COVID19 AGAIN. Our BBQ income was down by at least $10,000 this year, so this year’s giving night dinner will be main course only. No entrée, no desert. 
Appropriate at this time to acknowledge my mentor, our member Harold Sharp, for being appointed Chairman of ROMAC Australia & NZ. One charity I do NOT intend cutting this year. ROMAC flys in Children from Oceania for life saving surgery that can’t get in their own country. Well done on your Queens’ birthday honors (OAM) as well.
Finally a big Thank you to all club members for their support. For a small club you have achieved a lot.
It also gave me great pleasure to present Paul Harris Awards to two members for many years for service above & beyond.  

Sue Raveane - Running the busiest portfolio of community services, including the D-Cafe project, assisting in other portfolios and  a very successful year as President. 
Angelo Raveane - Consistently performing extras duties with great success. Melbourne Cup trifecta , Overseeing East Timor RYLA, Tree of Joy assistance, BBQ backup, chasing up District on significant issues to chasing members for dues & attendance at functions etc etc.   
Sue also presented Joy Sweeney with a Paul Harris award for her many years of active support to the club. 
Centenary Baton Launch
Award received from Rotary Foundation

Received June 2020, an Award !

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Impact of COVID19 on the people of Nepal
Jul 27, 2020 7:30 PM
Retirement or visit? to Orange, NSW and its Region.
Aug 03, 2020
Future Plans for the 2020-21 year, both District and Club plans.
Aug 10, 2020 7:30 PM
Apollo 11 Exhibition and the Museums space collection
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