Ian is on holidays this week, but looking forward to catching up with you next week at the Union hotel to listen to a highly relevant talk on COVID19 by Professor Basten.
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Bunnings has booked our Club in for Saturday 13th February and 27th February 2021!!
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
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Next Monday's Meeting the 15th February - Professor Basten on COVID19  

LIVE at the Union Hotel. 12.30pm for 12.50pm start 

With the roll out of vaccines at the end of February 2021, Professor Basten is going to speak to us about the pandemic, and vaccines, their purpose and outcome as known at this time.


Tony is a clinician/scientist with a career spanning over 40 years. During this time, he has made a substantial contribution to our understanding of how the immune system is regulated in health and disease.

In 2007, Tony took sabbatical leave to spend time as a visiting fellow with Sir Gregory Winter FRS at Cambridge University, England. Now, back at Garvan with the B Cell Biology group, he is continuing his work on the regulation of the immune system with a focus on the mechanisms that normally prevent unwanted responses (autoimmune and allergic); the ultimate goal being to devise novel ways of treating patients with these conditions.

Tony is a Non-Executive Director of BioTech Capital Limited and Apollo Life Sciences, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Human Genetic Signatures.

Research Interests

Regulation of immune responses in health and disease
Clinical trials of immunomodulatory agents in cancer, multiple sclerosis and deep vein thrombosis


Note: Next meeting (15th Feb) will be face to face at the Union Hotel, but if you cannot make it, you can join in and watch and listen via Zoom at 12.30pm Monday.
Click on this Link!Please click on this meeting link five minutes before the Meeting.
We are trialing having alternative meetings LIVE & Zoom. 

Last Meeting Monday:  8th February 2021 - Presentation by Michael McQueen 

Our own Michael McQueen, recently named Australia's Keynote Speaker of the Year, gave us an excellent presentation on how Covid19 has impacted our lives and the changes it has brought about in business practices.  

Starting with a Covid19 buzzword bingo, before moving on to how businesses have accelerated ideas due in 2030 to now. To name a few - driverless cars/home delivery, virtual reality googles, checkouts with phone only.
In terms of working from home it is amazing what does & does not work with the older generation coping better than the young(Z Gen). While 50% of full time workers are expected to get back to the office, with an additional  32% expected to do 1-2days at their office, there are questions that are currently being addressed.  For example how do we effectively “mentor” ?, how to overcome staff resistance to returning, and privacy issues around HUBs which can monitor staff PCs for their activities!  One major positive impact for the businesses, with the use of technology for remote work, is the massive reduction in corporate travel with significant savings on flying & accommodation costs. Rotary International is an example of this. 
Michael stimulated our thinking with quotes like “Think revolution not evolution” & “Crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. Some companies are destroyed by a crisis and great companies always improve. More corporate examples of innovation are “drive-In English Opera” & remote car buying with no human interaction (Virtual test drive & pick up from a vending machine type building!!) A company which supplied airline food, is now selling 40,000 (airline) meals in Melbourne every 3 weeks.  
Some amazing insights to how we will work & live in the future.
Thank you Michael for an extremely informative, thought provoking & entertaining session.      
International Toast:
PP Mark toasted the   Rotary Club of Singapore  
 - For the next few weeks, we will be trailing the concept of every 2nd meeting on Zoom, with a LIVE meeting at the UNION hotel. 
 - Sue is still looking for "clients" for the D_Cafe, please let Sue know.  
 - BBQs at Bunnings have restarted. We have Feb 13th & Feb 27th. Bruce is no longer available Saturdays, so Team Captains will co-ordinate activities. Documentation has been issued to the captains.    
 - $100 Bunnings Vouchers are still available from Cyril at Lunch on Monday. 
 - Federal MP, Trent Zimmerman also has grants available for local community projects. Looking at a laundry at the Community centre and/or a school speech competition. 
 - Board minutes(3/2/21) are available HERE. 
 - This year's RI conference scheduled for Taipei will now be VIRTUAL. 
 - Polio cases for 2020 was 139, a drop from 176 in 2019. 
 - Saturday 13th & 27th BBQ 
 - Saturday Feb 20th - Social function. Please RSVP Angelo.   
 - March 13-14 2021 - Virtual District Conference 
 - Wednesday 24th March - Opening of the D_Cafe. 
 - Wednesday 7th April Board Meeting on Zoom
 - April 18th & 24th - Virtual District assembly 
 - June 12 - 16  International Convention - Taipei - Now Virtual   
Zoom Meetings
This what our Zoom meetings look like.   During January & February 2021 every 2nd meeting will be via Zoom at 12.30pm Monday Lunchtimes!
So Zoom on February 8th & 22nd. 
Please click on this Rotary Crows Nest Zoom


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