Hello Rotarians,

This week we had a fascinating talk from key staff at the Monte Sant' Angelo school in North Sydney on their work in Timor Leste,in particular their focus of a longer term aim of building a professional learning centre at a cost of some $500,000.

Discussions will take place early in the new year to see how our Club can work with Monte to assist in achieving their goal.

Also this coming Monday we have our all important Annual General Meeting where we review our performances year to date and elect our office bearers for the next Rotary year.

We look forward to seeing all members on Monday.

Yours In Rotary-Alon

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Our next BBQ at Bunnings Artarmon is on Saturday 25th of November, 2017.
Next Meeting is on Monday 27th of November   
There will be no Guest Speakers this week ,instead we will be having our Annual General Meeting.


The International Toast ,proposed by George Condell ,was to the Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya 
Visiting Guests for today's meeting were Theo Glockemann ,Vera Liondas ,both involved in supporting the RYLA activities in Timor Leste.
also we  have,
Nicole Christensen , College Principal of Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney,  

Sr Carmel McDonough is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney and has also worked with the staff and students of Monte for the past 20 years developing Immersion Programmes to Peru, Timor Leste, the Central Desert, Wreck Bay and Chaing Mai. 
Sr Carmel was on the Board of the Mercy Foundation for 10 years, this Foundation is run by the Sisters of Mercy and seeks to address issues of injustice in the local and global community with a focus on women and children. 

 Adrian Johnston has been  Head of the Technology and Applied Studies Department at Monte for 9 years. For the past three years, I have been coordinating the College Timor Leste Immersion to Colegio Infante de Sagres, Maliana. The immersion program is heading into its fifth year, we have been able to form a strong relationship built on trust and honesty embedded by the core mercy values with Fr Natalino, teaching staff, students and wider Maliana community. I am passionate about social justice issues, particularly equal access to education

Others News

Angelo has forecast a nett profit of $15,000 from the Trifecta Rafffle .The winning ticket was purchased from the local mobile phone contractor in Crows Nest.

Phil Smith having just returned from a motorbike trip through NSW,South Australia and Victoria for the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians and at the same time raising $5000 for the Flying Doctors Service.

Well done Phil and Team!!

Also Phil and Sue Raveane have been working on their Taldumande Project with the purchase of white goods to install in the groups self contained units.

Discussed need to find RYLA candidates for next January .George Condell had one ,possibly two, candidates .Phoenix House looking also.

We have received invitations to Phoenix Houses's AGM, next  Monday ,the 27th at 6pm.

Still have a few gaps in the schedule for our commitment to Tree of Joy at Chatswood Chase next month.

Last ,but not least ,were our Guest Speakers from Monte .

The Monte Team have been involved for a number of years in supporting some of the poorer areas within Timor Leste 

Through their "in house" group in Timor and with regular visits from staff and senior students from North Sydney,they have focussed on an area called Maliana,close to Balboa,near the West Timor border.

Education needs for young girls in the area was sadly lacking,with only 17% of the girls reaching tertiary standard .This being compounded by the lack of basic nutrition.

Monte have taken over 50 MacBook Pro's,and have a longer term aim of building a professional learning centre at a cost of some $500,000.

Discussions will take place early in the new year to see how our Club can work with Monte to assist in achieving their goal.


  • AGM – November 27th
  • Giving Night & Xmas party – Tuesday December 12th
  • Board Meeting  - December 4th
  • Neuroblastoma Gala - 23rd February
  • District Conference 10th - 11th of March
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