Hello all,
A short one from me this week as I have the flu and not a clear head for writing. Thank you to Tom for arranging the police commander to come and speak to us this week. I think we all found it very interesting and informative. It will give us a platform to deal with other organisations in our community. This week we are having our follow up discussion with Michael McQueen – please ensure you are there and that if you are not going to be there you let us know. Because of Michael’s “Celebrity status” we are expecting a good turnout with a special visit from the DG and Secretary coming along as observers. We are discussing the future of our club so please be there. Have a great rest of the week.

I was pleased to greet a fellow Rotarian from Rome, Italy, Vincenzo Bianchini, who was visiting his new Grandchild in Sydney.  Vincenzo hales from the Rotary Club of Rome Ovest (West), which has 140 members.  (something for our Club to focus on eh....)

Yours in Rotary                                                                                             
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Our next BBQ at Bunnings Artarmon is on Saturday 9th September, 2017.
 Next Meeting is MONDAY the 14th of August 2017 - Michael McQueen
 As readers are aware from news in previous Bulletins, the Club is spending much more 'face to face' discussion time during it's meetings, on Club Projects.  Therefore the Club has changed it's format so that every other week the meeting will have a Speaker presentation, and on the other week, the Club will spend time receiving reports from Club Directors and members, to update the Club members upon progress made with Club Projects during the previous fortnight. 
This week, Michael will continue his focus on 'the future of our Club' which is the follow up to the Club's previous discussion on 14th July 2017.
Michael has specifically asked that each member read and digest the following outcome from the previous discussion!
Discussion Session on "Crows Nest Rotary - Our Future Existence"
The outcome was:
After frank & fearless discussion around the key questions of
What do you love most about our club?
What one thing do we need to do MORE of?
What one things do we need to so LESS of?
Key themes that arose:
If Rotary clubs tend to be either SERVICE clubs vs FUNDRAISING clubs, it’s clear we gravitate toward the latter. Our primary activities, dates and requirements are centred around Bunnings BBQs with a smattering of social events throughout the year.
Our current meeting format/frequency is clearly not working as evidenced by the number of apologies and attendance levels. Possibly consider different meeting formats (i.e. speakers) or frequency (maybe meet formally only twice per month and have a social or service event the other 2 weeks. 
There was great enthusiasm for actually doing things rather than fundraising BBQs and meeting weekly. Discussion about possible causes could have gone one for a lot longer and could well be picked up in a brainstorming session on August 21st 2017.
The question we wrapped up with was "Picture a prospective Rotarian you know - how would you sell Crows Nest Rotary to them?” This is the critical question for membership growth in our club. We must have a clear and compelling value proposition beyond fundraising and fellowship. After all, people join for a cause but stay for the people. The fellowship is a side-benefit and result of what we do - it is not the reason we exist.
Tom thanked Michael for an extremely successful session. His insightfulness, and Rotary International experience, shone thru.
August 21st is a “MUST” for all existing and prospective members.
LAST MONDAY's Meeting - 14th August 2017 - Chief Inspector, Kirsten McFadden and Senior Constable, Scott McVickers
Kirsten explained that they both came from the Police Station next door, a 24 hour station in North Sydney. Kirsten has a 27 year service, 10 years as Chief Inspector, and has served in the Mounted Police and on the  staff of the previous NSW Commissioner, Andrew Scipione and now at North Sydney.
Kirsten elucidated their everyday general duties and the issues they come across.
 Kirsten suggested that the police rely on their community for information, and inter-agencies and Local Councils.  Their area also has another station at Mosman and is the 2nd largest populated area in Australia and stretches from the St Leonards Forum to the Harbour and from Waverley to Waverton.   The general duties staff work a 12 hour shift, either Day or Night and the station is referred to as a ‘commuter station’ where most of their staff commute from homes on the Central Coast and as far away as Newcastle.
Their area has lots of Licenced Premises and events happening, such as Markets etc, and they have to be mindful and alert as to who is around and take notice of things and happenings.   Their area has people entering from four railway stations, various bus routes and motor vehicles.  However, crime is pinpointed by them. For example, demographically, seniors experience Mail fraud, which is a big crime, ie stealing from mailboxes, taking a person’s identity and stealing such things as Credit Cards.   The new Commissioner Mick Fuller has introduced a ‘No Tolerance’ to Domestic Violence, and takes this very seriously, with offenders and victims being interviewed electronically so that their evidence can be uploaded direct to the court.   Mental Health interaction, is also an issue they have to deal with.    Nowadays mandatory lectures and training each month includes; Active Armed Defender Training – which came out of the Lindt Café Siege and ‘Face the Threat’.
'Body Worn Video' cameras are being tested in certain areas now.  So in the future they will have to be careful how they communicate with people.
What can we do as a club? Well, the police interact with a local refuge, ‘Taldumande’ which offers respite accommodation. However, Kristen suggested, the local area is well serviced by Taldumande, the Salvation Army and Mission Beat.
 Club member, Tom Sweeney thanked Kristen and Scott for their Presentation and extended an invitation to visit our Club again in the future.
In accordance with the Club’s new meeting format, during the meeting, the President received several quick reports from Directors upon the progress made with the Club’s projects during the last week.
In Other News
  • Tiffen Kellar has resigned her membership of the Club, and the President expressed his best wishes to Tiff.

  • International Toast by Angelo Raveane was to the Rotary Club of Dili Lafayette, Timor Leste, Lafayette meaning Crocodile, because it is a young crocodile club, with 60 members.  Angelo and another Rotarian Theo Glockman are travelling to Dili in the near future, to support the Club's activities. 

  • The decision to go with ROMAC's fund raising exercise associated with the opening of a new five star hotel, the Sofitel at Darling Harbour, has seen a $20/ticket, added to each member's subscription, with the option of buying additional tickets.   Any shortfall would be covered by the Club,and the total amount  would become our annual donation to ROMAC

  • Board Meeting Monday August 14th @ 2pm 

  • Phoenix House will be holding a fund raising 

  • on 25 August from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Experience an evening of entertainment with live music, exciting trivia and a delicious dinner.

  • August 21st - Follow-up session on the club's Future
  • RAM (Rotary against Malaria) Conference in Sydney August 19th/20th. 
  • Following the success of last year's Anita Cobby Memorial Dinner another is being organised for 19th September to support the building of Grace's Place.
  • Next year's International Conference is to held in Toronto,Canada.The ever present Bill Lee will be our Club's Co-ordinator for this event.
The Poker Night, is on again!!  Saturday 21st October at the North Sydney Leagues Club, 7pm.  Please put this date in your diary now!!
But before that is the Trivia Night on 25th August 2017, benefiting Phoenix House!
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Sep 09, 2017
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