Dear Rotarians,
Well done everyone for our first “formal” Zoom meeting. Great to see everyone staying safe and adopting the online lifestyle with increased numbers due to remote members, like George, attending. The only hiccup was yours truly unable to play my video while Harold had it perfected!  I’m leaving the finish time flexible on the assumption members can eat, drink or leave as required. Apologies to anyone I miss waving their wooden spoon as I’m still getting experience at chairing and watching 15 members simultaneously.  Our next challenge (for Ian) is to do our Changeover Dinner Online – Ideas welcome. 
Both presentations reminded me of how well off we are, despite our lockdown. Children in the Pacific countries with serious medical problems unable to be fixed in their own country. We are told to wash our hands while in the Congo, only 12% of people have the facility to wash theirs. Thought starters indeed.
Enjoy the rest of your week. Stay safe.  
Yours in Rotary
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Bunnings has advised that there will be no BBQ's until further notice due to the outcome of the Corona Virus.We will advise as soon as this policy has been changed.
         ROTARY: 2019-20

Our Next Meeting ,via Zoom, will be on Monday ,the 27th of April ,and our Guest Speaker will be Kerry Luxton ,representing FOKE ,Friends of Koltara Elderly ,East Timor

Kerry began her working career in IT as a programmer/analyst in Sydney. The skills gained from those days have helped her in many ways, from being a mother involved in her children's education to working in her husband's small business, all the way through to making herself useful in volunteering positions in India.

Since 2004 she has spent about 2 months each year volunteering in Kolkata and at home, she holds several fundraisers each year .

The funds raised go towards some of the running costs for two homes for the destitute elderly in Kolkata plus the salaries and teaching materials for 12 teachers across 6 schools, for the children of fisherfolk in villages on the Bay of Bengal.

Friends of Kolkata Elderly, as the name suggests cares for the destitute elderly, but also encompasses support for the communities around each of the two homes for residential care.

The second is the Fisherfolk Project where I supply the funds for the teaching costs for six small schools on the Bay of Bengal. There are about 300 students,  the children of fisherfolk, itinerant workers living in isolated villages with limited access to education. Often these children are the first generation of their family to be education.


At our Meeting on the 20th of April,  the Guest Speaker was Joanna Mansfield ,CEO of NGO Worldshare discussing potential projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The project involves the building of 10 flush toilets in a school for deaf people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s one that Joanna has personally volunteered at for an extended period of time so can attest to the incredible work they do in a country which has enormous developmental needs – especially for children with disabilities. The school, called Ephphatha Centre for the Deaf, is based in Goma and has a pre-existing relationship with the local Rotary Club in Goma, who are keen to be involved in this project, so it could be a great option for international grant-matching .Joanna and Tara Carr spoke very well on the challenges facing the local population ,living on the border with Rwanda and the basic needs we take for granted ,like running water to wash your hands ,are just not available.

The International Toast was proposed by Sue Raveane to the Rotary Club of Wallingford ,Vermont ,US ,personally endorsed by today's birthday boy ,Tom Sweeney.

Lot of discussion was on the fallout of the Corona Virus highlight how well we are doing in Australia compared to the rest of the world ,which begs the question of how soon the current restriction rules will be relaxed and then how long before we resort to the old normal.
Harold Sharp presented an impressive video on the fantastic work done by ROMAC on bringing children from the Oceanic region for urgent ,life saving, medical operations in Australia.
On Sunday ,the District Assembly was held for the first time via U-Tube which ran very well ,although some thought there was a bit of repetition in some areas and the session ,like four hours ,was a tad long .Overall though ,considered helpful ,and in the following Sundays breakout sessions will be run for Foundation ,and all the specific roles for Club office bearers
Bill Lee advised that Peter Coote is recovering well ,and is scheduled to start Chemo next week.
Some discussion on the Changeover, currently scheduled for the 15th of June ,possibly to be done via Zoom ,although a booking has been made at the Northbridge Golf Club .Decisions will be made closer to the time.
George spoke to Peter Holgard-Olsen via Skype in Denmark ,and he was interested in joining in for our Meetings at some stage.
No news yet on the BBQ restarting ,too early at this stage
Rotary D_Cafe


Apr 27, 2020
FOKE - Friends of Kolkata Elderly,East Timor
May 04, 2020
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May 11, 2020
May 18, 2020
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