Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
Fascinating Guest Speaker this week from the Food Safety Information Council. While we all know we are what we eat ,did you realise there is an estimated 4.1 million cases  of food poisoning in Australia each year that result in 32,000 hospitalisations, 86 deaths and 1 million doctor’s visits .So always check that “used by” date!!
A reminder with the AGM coming up at the end of November, please consider if you would like to have your say and become more involved in our Club. New inputs are vital to our Club.
Well, it’s Rotary Foundation Week, and Bill wants to see a few more Centurion Towers taken up, so make Bill’s day.
And finally, another Melbourne Cup has passed, and this time without a crowd at Flemington, but were you lucky enough to win the Trifecta, so make sure you check your tickets
So, Stay and Safe
YIR Ian 

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Board Minutes 16 Sept 2020
Bunnings BBQs continue. The Club has every 2nd Saturday until the end of the year.  Next BBQ on November 7th. Due to the pandemic, there are lots of changes to how we serve and deliver our sausage sandwiches, so please read the emailed guidelines. Please support Howard in his quest to get 5 per shift.  Latest Roster - Click here.   
Meeting Responsibilities Roster
2020 - 2021

Next Monday's Meeting 9th November. Diabetes Australia - Symptons & treatment  

Nader Armaneous has over 15 years of experience as a professional Accredited Clinical Pharmacist and Credentialled Diabetes Educator. Nader works with Diabetes NSW and ACT to support a diverse range of individuals, groups and communities.
Nader’s philosophy is to help people control their diseases not diseases controlling people!  
Note; ALL October and November meetings will be via Zoom at 12.30pm Monday lunchtimes. Click on this Link!.      Please click on this meeting link above five minutes before the Meeting.

Last Meeting Monday  2nd November 2020 - Food Safety Council  

Today Brigitte Cox, Scientific Director Food Safety Council, gave us a basic, but extremely informative presentation on Food Hygiene. 
She opened by reminding us that there are 4.1 million cases of food poisoning, with 86 deaths, in Australia each year. (Includes 1 million doctor visit) 
Key cause is Food handling. 
Key points cover includes  
 - Cook @ 75C and let microwave food stand
 - Chill - refrigerate with 2 hours & thaw in the fridge 
 - Clean - Hand wash before handling food
 - Separate cutting board & utensils & separate raw vs. cooked 
There is no evidence that COVID 19 is spread thru food. We also went thru the sources of bacteria & Viruses. 
Brigitte finished with a few tips for our Bunnings BBQs. 
All members learnt something from the presentation. 
International Toast:
This week Howard toasted the  Rotary Club of Fougeres, France   
 - All Monday meetings at 12.30pm remain on Zoom.
   It looks like the hotels will not be viable until the New Year.   
 - Next BBQ confirmed as on November 7th.
    Cyril/Angelo to meet Bunnings in regard to the numbers required each shift. 
    Howard to confirm all possible volunteers for the roster  
 -  A few Melbourne Trifecta tickets left to be sold by Tuesday morning.
    Call Angelo or Mark in need. 
  - Tree of Joy still being reviewed for this Xmas.
    Awaiting OK from Chatswood Chase. 
  - Mark is compiling a list of Charities to receive donations on our Giving Night.
    Suggestions are welcome, especially those Charities without Government funding. 
 -  ROMAC have reduced costs by 65% by negotiating for patients to be no longer
    classified as "Ïnternational".  Well done Harold.  
A message from Foundation Director Bill. 
Here is your opportunity to become Centurions during the of November. Which is
Please remember Foundation need funds to give Grants that we seek from time to time for our projects. 
PLEASE DONATE. Only $100. About one cup of coffee per day for three weeks.
It is loose change for most of us. A small amount from your normal overseas travel you have saved this year.
 - Monday November 30th AGM
 - Monday December 7th. Giving night/Xmas Party. 
 - Wednesday Feb 3rd. D-Cafe training. 
 - March 13-14 2021 - Virtual District Conference 
 - June 12 - 16  International Convention - Taipei - See Angelo if interested.  
Taudumande Youth Service Linen Drive!
New linen is always something that we can use. Unfortunately, due to health reasons we are unable to pass on secondhand linen. Any of the following items would be helpful.

.    Pillows & pillow slips
.    Bath towels
.    Hand towels 
.    Bathmats
.    Face washers
.    Tea towels
.    King single fitted sheets
.    King single top sheets
.    King single mattress protectors
.    Double doonas
.    Double doona covers

If any Members would like to donate any of the items please contact me .
Thanks Sue
Zoom Meetings
This what our Zoom meetings look like.   During October and November 2020 out Meetings will be via Zoom at 12.30pm Monday Lunchtimes!
Please click on this Rotary Crows Nest Zoom
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