Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
From Little Things ,Big Things Grow…..while a famous Paul Kelly song may well relate to our last Monday evening Meeting.
Our Guest Speaker Co-ordinator, Phil, had to step into the breach ,to cover for the lack of speakers being available for the Asthma Awareness Week, and while Phil covered the topic well, and Sue related her own experiences with Asthma, the subject moved onto the Community Centre and the volunteers involved.  Angelo came up with the idea of tapping this group for potential Membership.
Right demograph, time rich (hopefully), and Mark is a volunteer already, so our discussion was around what’s the best way to approach this, an item for our Board Meeting next week… this space .  Even if we can pick up a couple, a good return.
Another important item for our Board Meeting is the Evening Meeting.  Originally set up for those unable to make the lunchtime Meeting due to work commitments, etc, but the reality is after two months of trialling, the patronage is not really there.   Anyhow, if you have any concerns, for or against the Evening Meeting, please let me or one of the other Board Members aware of your thoughts prior to the 16th of September.
Finally, I have now completed the collation of the Membership Satisfaction Survey, which will be the starting point for the development of a 5 year Strategic Plan for the Club. A few interesting points were,
1.The Club no longer reflects the demographic profile of the Crows Nest area’s business community, which was the origins of the Club 50 years ago. We now have a significant spread through the North Shore and even as far as the Central Coast.
2.Need to supply more info on RI updates, and when we resume our face to face Meetings, allow more time for socialising and make sure we are getting the best value meals available.
3.We need to promote Rotary more to our family and friends, looking for opportunities to invite them to our Meetings.
4.But one item which was most pleasing, was the unanimous Pride in being a member of the Rotary Club of Crows!!!
Stay Safe!!
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Bunnings has advised that all BBQs are on HOLD until further notice. 
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Our Next Meeting on Monday 14th September 2020  -  our own Member Tracy, relates her journey into Rotary Membership
Should be good, join us next Monday at 12.30pm
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Meetings will alternate each Monday, - Between 7.30pm & 12.30pm .  
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Last Meeting - Monday 7th Sept 2020; the subject was Asthma, and was presented by our member Philip.

National Asthma Awareness Week is the begining of September 2020.   
Philip explained that the National Asthma body had amalgamated with NSW in 2017, and has since been financed by Government, as Asthma is now considered to be a major illness in our society.
Philip explained that Asthma can come on at any age.  He gave the example of his friend John, who at the age of 70 had an onset of asthma, and only when a respiratory specialist addressed his breathlessness was Asthma realised.
Today, we have Asthma Educators at the end of the phone line – 1800ASTHMA and The COACH Program and focusing on the ‘one on one’ detailed confidential services, free to individuals to help people with asthma improve their situation and health.   Philip said, he hopes today’s discussion demonstrated the level of detail and asthma knowledge, the National body educators can provide.
How they can help:
The COACH Program
As discussed here are some links to the National website.
Asthma Toolkit and written Asthma Action Plan
What is Asthma?
How to manage asthma:
Asthma medications:
On the website you can click on your medication to get further information.
Asthma Inhaler Technique Videos:
Asthma worsening signs and first aid:
Asthma Flare ups
An asthma flare-up can happen to anyone with asthma at any time. A flare up can develop slowly (over hours to days) or can get worse very quickly (in seconds to minutes). A sudden or severe asthma flare up is also called an asthma attack.
The Australian Asthma Handbook states that if you need your reliever again within 3 hours or have any difficulty with normal activity, this indicates asevere flare up.
According to the Asthma flare-up or attack signs (table below) for a severe asthma flare up a person should call an ambulance on 000 and commence Asthma First Aid steps.
How to recognise signs of an asthma flare-up or attack
The table below outlines the symptoms you might be experiencing in a mild/moderate, severe or life-threatening asthma flare-up and indicates when you should commence Asthma First Aid or call an ambulance and then start Asthma First Aid.  Do not wait until asthma is severe to start Asthma First Aid.
Signs of mild/moderate asthma flare-up
Signs of a severe asthma flare-up:
Signs of a life-threatening asthma flare-up:
§    Minor difficulty in breathing
§    Able to talk in full sentences
§    Able to walk/move around
§    May have a cough or a wheeze
   Start Asthma First Aid
§   Obvious difficulty breathing
§   Cannot speak a full sentence in one breath
§   Tugging in of the skin between ribs or at base of neck
§   May have cough or a wheeze
§   Reliever medication not lasting as long as usual
Call an Ambulance on 000 Commence Asthma First Aid
§   Gasping for breath
§   Unable to speak or 1-2 words per breath
§   Confused or exhausted
§   Turning blue
§   Collapsing
§   May no longer have wheeze or cough
§   Not responding to reliever medication
             Call an Ambulance on 000 Commence Asthma First Aid
In addition to 1800ASTHMA and The COACH Program we have the asthma assist a free e-newsletter and information service that aims to support you in better managing asthma.
Asthma assist:
Asthma Apps:
Please, if your asthma continues to cause limitation in your life,  call our Asthma Educators at 1800 ASTHMA on 1800 278 462, for any queries or concerns or for a more detailed session.
Kind Regards,
Senior Asthma Educator
 - RI President announced that Africa is POLIO FREE. Bill Gates has donated $3.7billion to Polio.
 - RYLA Timor-Leste now has a Facebook Post in English.  The post has been shared with our FB page - It is worth reading.      
 - Melbourne Trifecta tickets are moving slowly. 8 sets sold.   
 - All September meetings will be via Zoom.  
 - Bunnings BBQs are still on HOLD until further notice. 
 - Ian will soon publish the findings of his recent Survey
 - 19-20th September Zone 8 (virtual) Conference CLICK her for information on how to access the Conference on Zoom 
 - Saturday 26th September - Wahronga club's Zoom Trivial night for Children in Nepal, India & Cambodia. 
 - Monday November 30th AGM
 - Monday December 7th. Xmas Party/Giving night. 
 - March 13-14 2021 - Virtual District Conference 
 - June 12 - 16  International Convention - Taipei (virtual) 
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Yours in Rotary
Angelo Raveane
Rotary Club of Crows Nest.
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