As this is my last column as President of the Club, I thought that I would share the list of Activities and Achievements that I have compiled at the end of the year. As present Meeting attendances are low with so many apologies that I thought we should place it on record in the eBulletin.
 I think that the Club’s list of Giving is impressive. A few things, like our Grant Applications are ongoing but committed to by the Board.  Membership has been rationalised to reflect active members. Some of those who have left the Club may not have attended meetings but did still do BBQ duties – we will miss their imput. Our membership woes are a common theme in Western Rotary Clubs unfortunately.
I have enjoyed my time as your President and would like to thank all members for their support and ongoing commitment to the Club and Community. Many with much greater service to the Club than I, have been willing to share their knowledge and experiences as mentors and that advice has been gratefully received.   
Thank you.
Yours in Rotary 
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Our next BBQ at Bunnings Artarmon is on Saturday 8th July, 2017.
 Next Meeting is MONDAY 3rd July. 
 Changeover Night. 6.30pm @ Union Hotel (upstairs)
LAST MONDAY's (June 26th)   Meeting
Our Guest speaker called in sick, so Tom Sweeney agreed at the last minute to speak.
Tom’s talk on Monday focused on his involvement with Live Theatre.
His 1st role was in 1969 in Oklahoma at the old Willoughby Town Hall.
Tom started with example of 1943 MGM Musical Babes on Broadway. Starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Storyline is American college kids want to raise money for English kids coming to USA for a Farm stay.
Let’s Put On a Show! This was the lead in on how Willoughby Theatre Company put on a show.
Some of the Considerations in choosing a show are Director, Budget, Costumes, Scenery, Orchestra, Theatre, Audience.
The venue is Willoughby Theatre Company the Concourse Chatswood.
Board of Directors - Pick the show considering
Is It Available
Will it attract a cast?
Will it fill the stage?
Is it do able
Will it attract 5000 people?
Does it fit our brand?
The Production Team then
Set Design
Budget which includes Royalties, Orchestra. set, costumes, technical, venue and lighting
Lighting Design
Costume Design
George Condell thanked Tom, acknowledging that he has come a long way since 1969, and his contribution in bringing joy to the community was appreciated.
In Other News
  • International Toast by Tom Sweeney to the Copenhagen-International Rotary Club 
  • Peter read the latest email from Angelo & Sue covering their trip around Israel & Europe,
  • Bill presented a banner he received from the Rotary Club of Haywood, North Carolina during his trip to the RI conference.
  • Apologies from Warren for the BBQs, as he has started a business which runs on Saturdays.
  • Bill's summary of the RI conference highlighted Bill Gates' presentation on Polio. There are only 5 cases so far this year (Pakistan, Uganda & Afghanistan). Bill gates continues to match 2:1 our $, and over 60 million kids have been vaccinated. Rotary has 1.2billion in commitments.  Next year's conference will be in Toronto, Canada.
  • Claire from So You Can has been replaced by Keri Chittenden. We wish Claire all the best.
  • Revised BBQ roster for July - December has been issued, and posted on the Web site. Please don't wait until the last minute to swap when you are unavailable.
  • Philip's trip continues
  • President Changeover night is Monday July 3rd - 6.30pm. Venue  will be the Union Hotel.
  • District Changeover is Saturday July 1st @ Hornsby RSL.
Rotary Crows Nest 2016-17




Venue : Ongoing Meeting Venue determined as the Union Hotel, Pacific Highway, North Sydney

Compliance : Adoption of – Revised Rotary Club Constitution 2016; Revised Rotary Club Bylaws 2016 Child Protection Policy and Procedures; Risk Management Assessment BBQ &Community Revamp BBQ Signage and Image

Fundraising : Bunning Artarmon BBQ – 19; Melbourne Cup Trifecta Tickets Poker Night.

Social : The Long Orange Lunch at Central Coast. President’s Cocktail Party

Giving : In 2016, Giving Night - $33,000 was presented to 10 different Community Organisations. In addition: $1000 towards the Community Herb Garden, Crows Nest Baptist Church. $500 contribution to the Dili Orphans Christmas Party. $500 contribution toward the running costs of Dili RAWCS Office. $500 donation to Mary’s House, Women’s Refuge. ) from our Poker night and $500 donation to Delvina Women’s Refuge. ) Xmas Carols BBQ $2000 continuing school fees for Victoria and Faith in Kenya. $2650USD donated to Rotary Polio Plus Fund. Transformed to $19000USD with Rotary Grants and Bill and Melinda Gates 2 for 1 Offer. $500 to enable Philip Hojgaard-Olsen to investigate MS research in Sweden.

International: Delegation to East Timor. Delegation to China and CAIFU.

Youth : Rotary Youth Leadership Course RYLA – sponsored 3 participants. Model United Nations Assembly - MUNA – sponsored one team.

Community : Bowel Scan Programme Tree of Joy , Westfield, Chatswood and Community Centre, Crows Nest. Stall , Crows Nest Festival. Red Shield Appeal, Red Cross BBQ Crows Nest Christmas Carols

Grants : Current Application for a District Grant for Taldumande Youth Services Preparation of Global Grant in Kenya together with RC of Rift Valley & So They Can

Membership : A loss of 8 members this year due to members changed circumstances plus pruning of non attending or non financial members.

Paul Harris Fellows Awarded : Cyril Clarke; Celia Coote; George Condell; Bill Lee: Michael McQueen; Angelo Raveane; Harold Sharp; Philip Smith; Howard Sullivan (two).

Jun 26, 2017
Life as a Qantas 747 captain.
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Bunnings Artarmon
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7:50 AM – 12:30 PM
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12:20 PM – 4:00 PM
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