Hello, Members and our Rotary Friends receiving this eBulletin.
As we enter the 13th week of Sydney’s Lockdown, I refer to last Monday's successful meeting with our District Governor, (see full information below).
Looking forward; we have booked our Pride of Workmanship Awards for 13th December and have combined our Christmas Party and more importantly the night we annually donate money to worthy causes.  Lets get out of this Lockdown!  Go get Jabed!
Next Monday lunchtime during our Zoom meeting we have a special guest presenting to us, Wal 'Painting with Light!'.  Find out who by joining us on Zoom, click here at 12.30pm
Have a safe week during Lockdown and remember to keep in touch with family and friends.
Yours in Rotary Service
President Philip
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Board Minutes 04 August 2021
Our Bunnings BBQs are currently on hold due to COVID19 restrictions.  
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
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President's Extra Message
I commend my fellow Directors for a very successful presentation to our District Governor, Lindsay May, OAM, at his Official Visit last Monday. 
A lot of preparation went into this visit, which presented our Club, displaying our Club’s philosophy/strategy for the future year and beyond.  The District Governor responded by email;
“It was great to see such a huge rollup of members and so many that we know personally.
It's great to see the range of projects that you are currently involved with and also to know about the history of your humanitarian work.  This provides a great wealth of knowledge and experience.
Your outreach to the community will certainly
 Change Lives for many.
Best wishes for the remainder (nine months) of your term as President”.

(The DG’s full response can be viewed on our Club’s Facebook page).
Don’t forget to advertise our Melbourne Cup Trifecta Tickets!  They are currently available to all non-profit organisations who want to raise funds for their causes.  At $2 a ticket, the prize is $1,000 and the net profit to the organisation is $2,648.  If you know any non-profit organisation who is in need of funds, please mention our Trifecta Tickets to them and refer them to our Trifecta Ticket Order form website! 
September is Basic Education and Literacy Month  Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy. We support education for all children and literacy for children and adults.
Friday evening ‘Chinwag’ - this invitation is to all Rotarians!

Last Friday week,10th August, we held our second Chinwag, for members in our Cluster 2, and all other Rotarians and friends. 
It was a good evening around a glass of wine or beer, and attendees waxed lyrical on all matters ‘Rotary’ and other issues!   It was a casual get-together (virtual) and a casual chat,,, at the end of the working week ie Friday evening.  Feedback from attendees was really positive and they asked for more frequent Chinwags
But!  There were more Rotarians from our District than from our Cluster 2 Clubs!  Therefore the Chinwag Team are opening up our Chinwag to all Rotarians nation wide.  
To that end a date of Friday 1st October at 6pm is booked.
‘Chinwag’ get togethers, are a bit like going to the pub for a beer - you never know who you will meet, what you will talk about, but you do know it will be fun.   And in a Chinwag using ‘Zoom’….you don’t need an Uber to get home!
No registration, just turn up! Relax, and chat or just listen to the others.
Bring/invite a friend along and if you wish to talk about a particular subject (photo, project) or even wish to invite or know of a guest speaker to address our chinwag, just email to arrange;
The next Chinwag is Friday 6pm 1st October!
The Link for joining the meeting is;
‘Barman’ Phil, will be the host for the night, but this will rotate.
Stay Safe!  COVID safe!!!
See you there 6pm on 1st October!
The Chinwag Team.

Next Meeting is Monday ,the 27th of September 2021 - Wal Moore  

As we are in Lockdown, it will be on ZOOM. 

Many of you know Wal, as Tom's mate assisting us at our BBQs. Wal's talk is titled "Painting with Light".
Looking at how lights-in-motion have been used to create interesting images and finishing with some of my own work.  
Last Monday, the  20th of September - our Guest was Lindsay May, District Governor.  
Bill Lee toasted the  Rotary Club of Hamburg

Our guests were Lindsay May & wife Tania, as well as Assistant Governor John Zhang & Jade Catherall. 

There was a presentation by the board, including President's Philip Summary, which are in the story below. 

(Don't forget to click on the link to get the director's presentation) 

After the presentation, Lindsay summarised his priorities and answered questions from the members.  His formal response to the club was:-  


Dear President Phil
Thanks to you and the members for hosting Tania and I today.

It was great to see such a huge rollup of members and so many that we know personally.
It's great to see the range of projects that you are currently involved with and also to know about the history of your humanitarian work.
This provides a great wealth of knowledge and experience when considering what to do next.

Your outreach to the community covers all Avenues of Service and Areas Of Focus and will certainly Change Lives for many.

As we visit the 67 clubs in the district, it's remarkable what is being done, large and small, but what I can see is the thought process that has gone into Why your club and its members should become involved in programs that make a difference.

Best wishes for the remainder (nine months) of your term as President and I'm sure that as we come out of this lockdown and you start to again interact with the community, you will see membership growth and the ability to raise funds to keep your many projects on track.

I do hope that in the second half of the year we get to meet in person, especially at the District Conference March 18 – 19 and also at Bunnings on a Saturday morning.
I miss my regular sausage sandwich.


 - Phoenix House General Manager(Paul) attended our meeting today, and confirmed their ongoing interest/involvement in the club. 
 - Tom has confirmed the booking at Northbridge Golf club on Dec 13th. 
 - 10 members have paid their due for July-Dec Dues.  Others please ensure you pay.
 - BBQs are on HOLD. Cyril expect more news next week.    
 - Next D-Cafe is scheduled for Nov 24th, subject to the community centre being open.    
 - Melbourne Cup trifecta tickets will be dropped into your mail boxes over the next fortnight.  
 - Our Flag pole at Crows Nest still has no flag. Angelo to chase council. 
 - George has 1 potential nomination for RYLA next January 
 - Polio train ride fundraiser deferred until 23rd February 
 - Rotary International convention 4-8 June 2022 
 - Ian & Howard working closely with SoTheyCan on their Kenyan project & membership to our club.
 - Public Image Seminar Noon, Sunday 26th September. Let Gina know if you wish to attend. 
 - Past Presidents are welcome to put their name forward, as cluster rep for the DG Nominating committee.  
 - Wednesday 27th October - Board Meeting 
 - Monday 13th December at 6.30pm at the Northbridge Golf Club -
   Xmas party / Pride of Workmanship Award / Giving Night.  
 - Jan 9th - 15th, 2022 - RYLA 
 - March 18th/19th - District Conference  
 -June 4-8th RI convention, Houston 
DG Visit
Briefing Document for the District Governor’s Official Visit 20th September 2021.

The members of Crows Nest Rotary believe our Club is amongst the best in the District. This is evidenced by the camaraderie and support shown to all members, along with our commitment to our projects.
We have reflected on the District Governor’s Goals and Objectives and the International President’s suggested aims, incorporating them into our Club plans. However, clearly the World has changed since the start of the pandemic in early 2020 and accordingly Crows Nest’s projects and activities have been significantly impacted by the lockdown’s restrictions on physical movements.
Despite COVID, we continue on with a meeting on Zoom each week, to progress projects where possible, and provide fellowship to all our members.

Rotary’s 7 Areas of Focus –
We believe we our activities focus on the objectives of disease prevention and treatment; water, sanitation, and hygiene; maternal and child health; basic education and literacy; and community economic development through the following projects;
- ROMAC – ongoing support to ROMAC - Gender Equity – our support of ‘So They Can’ girls Schools, supports the education of girls in Africa - RYLA and other projects in East Timor – we believe we support the local community through education and literacy, and water projects, all in turn improves the community’s economic development. - India – together with Beecroft Rotary we recently built 200 toilets south of New Delhi - Kenya – we have undertaken water projects in the past and as soon as funds allow we will proceed with a major water project in East Pokot, Kenya - Phoenix House Youth Services – education to teenagers - Taldumande Youth Services – accommodation for children eg abandoned by their parents - Mary’s House – womens refuge on the north shore - Red Shield Appeal – our Club takes part each year

Serve to Change Lives – we believe we have a healthy Club. - Membership – we have adopted ‘do more and grow more’, and ‘bring one to add one’ concepts. We plan to have a Membership summit as soon as restrictions allow
- Foundation – our Club has a dedicated Director promoting the Foundation, both educating members and emphasising the ‘three year’ investment concept, ie to get funds back to use on projects. The majority of our members support Centurion donation each year.
- Day of Service event – we believe we hold a Day of Service event at every one of our BBQ days at Bunnings Artarmon, which occur regularly throughout the year, encouraging volunteers from within members and outside of our Club to congregate and converse socially not only amongst themselves, but with the public. Our BBQ days are our form of expressing Rotary Service to the public.
- Chinwag – recently we have created a Zoom get-together for not only Rotarians but also their families and friends. This started as a Cluster 2 event, but immediately became a District and Nationwide event, with people from around Australia tuning in to informally discuss Rotary issues.
- eBulletin issues weekly and sends current relevant Rotary issues to hundreds of members and friends

The members of Crows Nest Rotary Welcome the District Governor and wish to assure him, our Club is actively supporting his year of achievements in 2021-22.

Philip Smith
President 2021-22 Crows Nest Rotary
Directors presentation  HERE


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