Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
Well we gave it a good try over the last few months, but without the support, our members decided to revert to lunchtime Meetings only, that is, apart from special occasions, no evening Meetings.   Plus those unable to make the lunchtime Meetings, when we resume back at the hotel, will have the ability to Zoom in.
And as for when we revert back to the hotel, we are hopeful for some good news from Gladys to change the social gathering and distancing rules.   At this stage, not sure precisely when, but it maybe November.
Last week I attended a Northbridge Club Meeting, as their Guest Speaker was the President of the Kathmandu Club talking about all their projects, including the one our Club is a joint sponsor of, being the COVID Response Support Project, by supplying hand washing stations and PPE equipment.  Kathmandu Club have done an excellent job, and the list of project is most impressive.
Also I had a President’s Cluster Meeting with AG, John Zhang, along with the Presidents of Northbridge, North Sydney and North Sydney Sunrise.  Great opportunity to compare notes and promote our Trifecta.  Speaking of Trifecta, we have had a number of Stapling Meetings at Cyril’s place, and we really need to focus on selling our Tickets, as the current uptake from other Clubs is very slow.
Then there’s the BBQ, with lots of discussion around the start up on the 10th of October with the many operational changes under the COVID rules.  So, we all have some interesting times ahead.
And finally, I would like to thanks Ross for volunteering to be the WWC Co-ordinator, taking over this role with John Saunder’s retirement.  Thanks Ross.
And remember, there will be no meeting next Monday, the Queens Birthday Weekend Public Holiday Monday!
Stay Safe and YIR
Stay Safe
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Board Minutes 16 Sept 2020
Bunnings has given the Club every 2nd Saturday STARTING October 10th. Lots of changes to how we serve and deliver our sausage sandwiches, but the changed process will be emailed to all volunteers before the 10th along with the roster Howard is working on. Please support Howard in his quest to get 5 per shift.  
Meeting Responsibilities Roster
2020 - 2021
There will be no Monday Meeting next week on 5th October, as its the Queens Birthday Weekend Public Holiday.
So Our Next Meeting will be on Monday 12th October 2020, when a representative of North Sydney Council, will discuss Council's activities with the Community.  
Rebecca Aukim, Acting Director of Community and Library Services will be our guest.
ALL October and November meetings will be via Zoom at 12.30pm Monday lunchtimes. Click on this Link!.      Please click on this meeting link above five minutes before the Meeting.

Last Meeting - Monday 28th September 2020 the Club Directors reported to the members, on their progress of their projects and activities.

Toast: Bill toasted the Rotary Club of Evanston 
Directors Updates - Please refer to the Board minutes - Click here (Login into Club runner first) 
Highlights are: 
Foundation - Seeking 8 centurions ($100 personal donation) this year. 
International - Monte's water project in Maliana, East Timor on hold due to COV19 
Community - District grant for Community IPads has been approved. 
                    D_Cafe starts in February 2021
                    Taldumande House requires Linen 
Youth  - RYLA cancelled. Chasing nominations for virtual RYPEN 
Vocational - POW & Speech competition on hold until early 2021
Treasurer - Jul Dues invoice issued. Please pay. 
               - 2019/20 accounts signed off to be presented at AGM. 
               - Debit card ordered for BBQ purchases. 
Membership - Meeting community Centre this week to link into their volunteers.
General - Ross is now the WWC co-ordinator 
 - Evening meetings cancelled. All Monday meetings at 12.30pm - Zoom until Crows Nest Hotel resumes groups > 10.
 - BBQs Starts October 10th. New process & roster out next week. Contact Howard in need.
 - Gina's Public Image Newsletter worth reading.  Click on  September Public Image Newsletter
 - Melbourne Trifecta tickets are moving slowly. 11 sets sold. Crows Nest tickets for members will be distributed next week. 
 - RDU house at Paramatta has been sold. All Rotary organisations are being consolidated into 1 building.    
 - Monday November 30th AGM
 - Monday December 7th. Xmas Party/Giving night. 
 - March 13-14 2021 - Virtual District Conference 
 - June 12 - 16  International Convention - Taipei - See Angelo if interested.  
Fund Raising Train Ride to end Polio!
Mark Anderson, well known in our District is now living in the Southern Highlands, but once a year he and his son ride Trains.  This year, prior to the World Polio Day 2020, on 23rd October 2020.   Not your usual ride, but a nigh on impossible ride all within 24 hours.  This year on the Sydney network, there are 189 stations, to cover every station within 24 hours last year, took Mark 18 hours, 10 mins.  Each year through sponsorship Mark raises over $150,000 for the eradication of Polio.
This year you can sponsor Mark.
Zoom Meetings
This what our Zoom meetings look like.   During October and November 2020 out Meetings will be via Zoom at 12.30pm Monday Lunchtimes!
Please click on this Rotary Crows Nest Zoom
Melbourne Cup trifecta
An easy way to recoup funds missed during the Covid shutdown safely and legally.
Crows Nest Rotary has been successfully promoting this Fundraiser since 2001.
More information & Order form is attached or click on this  Order Form
Your prompt order will assist us please.
Many Thanks
Yours in Rotary
Angelo Raveane
Rotary Club of Crows Nest.
District Governors Trophy


Oct 05, 2020
Oct 12, 2020 12:30 PM
Rebecca Aukim, Acting Director of Community and Library Services
Oct 19, 2020 12:30 PM
Lend Lease Projects discussion (Zoom 12.30pm)
Oct 26, 2020 12:30 PM
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BBQ Oct 10th
Oct 10, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
BBQ Oct 24th
Oct 24, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
BBQ Nov 7th
Nov 07, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
BBQ Nov 21st
Nov 21, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Crows Nest Hotel
Nov 30, 2020
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
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