Hello, Members and our Rotary Friends receiving this eBulletin.
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!
The Christmas Tree of Joy at Chatswood Chase was manned by Crows Nest Rotary from 10th to 16th December, next to Vintage Cellars on the ground floor.  Many shoppers bought a gift for a child this Christmas, or donated some money for a worthy cause from the cards on the Christmas Tree.  Another successful Tree of Joy!
Our most important function of the Rotary year, our Club’s Giving Night, and Pride of Workmanship Awards was held on 13th December 2021, at the Union Hotel, North Sydney.  And didn’t we have a Great Night! See photos below.  It was our last meeting/event before Christmas, but we’ll return on Monday 17thJanuary 2022, at the Union Hotel, corner of West St, and Pacific Highway, when we have a Chinese delegation presenting to us on Taiwan projects.  
Our BBQs are well and truly back! and we have our next on Saturday 18th December, so please spare the time, come on down to Bunnings Artarmon and enjoy a ‘Sausage Sizzle’.
This has been a difficult year for all, and I express my thanks to all my Board of Directors and members for their support since 1st July.  May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year eh.
Stay safe, be careful, wear your mask!
Yours in Rotary Service
President Philip
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Board Minutes 27 Oct 2021
the dates booked up to Christmas are;
27th November 2021
11th December 2021
18th December 2021
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
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President's Extra Message

The Tree of Joy is remains outside Vintage Cellars, until 22nd Dec

at Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre

This is a photo of Rotarians from 2020.   Christmas will once again saw our Club participating in the Tree of Joy in Chatswood Chase. 
The objectives are to provide Christmas gifts to those people who might not otherwise receive one. 
Some time before Christmas, various welfare centres advise their requirements.  Appropriate labels are printed describing a person's need.  The labels are then placed on Christmas trees located in prominent positions.
The public are then invited to take a card/label from the tree, purchase the gift and return it to the manned tree for ultimate distribution to the recipients via the welfare agency prior to Christmas.  Over the many years that our Club has manned the Tree of Joy, we have collected many thousands of gifts as well as money which goes to purchase for example, IGA vouchers for the distribution to needy families in the drought affected areas of NSW.
Charities supported include Youth off the Streets, Centrecare, Lifeline, SA.Mission Australia, St Vincents De Paul, Sunnyfield, Streetworks as well as Royal North Shore Hospital and several nursing homes
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
As you know, every month is dedicated to one of the major themes of our Rotary lives; this month the theme is that which RI is perhaps best known for, at least among non-Rotarians.
The eradication of polio has of course been Rotary International's s major worldwide, corporate effort since the early 1980’s.  And remarkable progress has been made.  The job is not finished however and you can rest assured that we will not, cannot, set this torch down until that job is finished.
Disease prevention and treatment is one of the Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus.  And for good reason.  The health and vitality of a person, a family and a community can be seriously impaired by what in many cases is a preventable disease.  Disease prevention is really a keystone to progress in other areas as well because of the interplay with other areas of focus like Water and Sanitation and Maternal & Child Health.
What can you do? 
See what Rotarians are doing in Disease Prevention and Treatment
Learn more about our efforts to End Polio
Check out the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG). 
Browse Rotary Showcase for member projects helping to fight disease and see what other Rotarians and Clubs are doing. 
Or you can find a project to sponsor on Rotary Ideas.
You’re a Rotarian.  You’re a Difference Maker!
Thank you for all you do as we go forward this year and every year as we fulfill the goal and " Be the Inspiration "

Next Meeting is Monday, the 17th of January 2022 - what do we do with the Chinese Account ,originally intended for a project in China ,but nothing forthcoming after a number of years .Angelo has since spoken to Celine ,who was involved in the original fund raising ,and she has some ideas to be discussed at our first Meeting for the year in January .

Need inputs from Members for Guest Speakers for the coming weeks 

This Monday we are meeting at the Union Hotel , back to normal lunchtime Meeting.   Click here at 12.30pm.  

We will alternate every week, between Zoom & the Hotel. 

Please check confirmation in the weekly eBulletin. 
Last Monday week, the 13th of December, our Annual Giving Night ,this time at the Union Hotel
Such a busy and eventful night,
A. Pride of Workmanship Awards
1. Sang from Little Gem Cafe in Gordon
2. Mike Aitkens from Bunnings Artarmon
3. Ami Budden from the Crows Nest Centre
B. The Year in Review
    PP Ian Pocock
C. Giving Awards,
Cheques were presented to
1. Mary's House ,represented by Roger Williams
2. Orange Sky ,represented by Charlotte Robinson
3. Street Side Medics ,represented by David Ballhausen
4. Little Wings ,represented by Clare Pearson
5. School for Life, represented by Jess Ledieu 
D. Special Presentations
Paul Harris Fellowship Awards given to outstanding Club Members
1. Sue Raveane
2. Phil Smith
3. Mark Staples
E .Changeover Procedure
Handing of the President's Chain from PP Ian Pocock,with the assistance of AG John Zhang, to Phil Smith
F. Induction of New Members
Corporate Member for So They Can ,represented by Emily Whitehouse
G. The Year Ahead
presented by incoming president ,Phil Smith
including the presentation of the new Board for 2021-2022
President-Phil Smith
Immediate Past President-Ian Pocock
Secretary-Mark Staples
Treasurer-Owen Houston
Foundation/Welfare-Bill Lee
Club Services-Angelo Raveane
Public Relations/Vocation-Tom Sweeney
Community Services-Sue Raveane
International-Ian Pocock
Youth-George Condell
Administration-Kate Riddle
Toast: no Toast given


 All news items included above.
 - Jan 9th - 15th, 2022 - RYLA 
 - Jan 17th  1st 2022 meeting at Union Hotel. 
 - March 18th/19th - District Conference  
 - June 4-8th RI convention, Houston 
2021 Giving Night 13th Dec
What a night it was!!
Due to the Lockdown restrictions, our Club amalgamated three annual events into one!
We had a Giving Night, when the Past President donates money to worthy organisations, which Past President Ian did in ‘spades’, ie lots of cheques!
and we presented “Pride of Workmanship Awards to three worthy recipients, (see photos below) 
and we finally, held our President Changeover, which usually is scheduled for the end of June each year, so this year was a bit late.
and several well deserving members were presented with Paul Harris Fellowship Awards.  See Photos below and attached.
Christmas & The Rotary Foundation
You can make a difference in this world by helping people in need. Your gift can do some great things, from supplying filters that clean people’s drinking water to empowering local entrepreneurs to grow through business development training.

The Rotary Foundation will use your gift to fund the life-changing work of Rotary members who provide sustainable solutions to their communities’ most pressing needs. But we need help from people like you who will take action and give the gift of Rotary to make these projects possible.

The Rotary Foundation 


Jan 17, 2022 12:30 PM
Discussion of Taiwan project
Jan 24, 2022 12:30 PM
Club discussion of Projects
Jan 31, 2022 12:30 PM
Speaker TBA
Feb 07, 2022 12:30 PM
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International Toast
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