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At last Saturday’s District Conference, our Past President, Angelo, after 40 years a Rotarian received the highest Award from Rotary International, a ‘Service Above Self’ Award.  One of only 20 ever awarded to Rotarians in our District.  
Crows Nest Rotary is now the second most SAS awarded Club in District 9685.
Congratulations to Angelo, for his dedication to Rotary and for being an inspiration to our members.  A very High Honour!  Please find a link to Angelo’s Service above Self Award Presentation.
Next Saturday, 26th March, our BBQ Roster has some holes in it and we are looking for volunteers!  Our previous BBQ was the busiest we can remember with $1,500 net profit earned!  It would appear the public are getting back into moving around and back to their normal life of repairing and rejuvenating their properties.  So this Saturday could be another busy day.  Please, if you can spare the 4 hours of time, ring and volunteer to help out the morning shift (of 4) or the afternoon shift of 4.   We depend on our BBQ volunteers, some of whom are not Rotarians but wish to give their time and effort back to our society.  Many thanks to them and our Rotarians!
Our next Club social night, ie the ‘Club's Fellowship Night’will be held at Storage Works on the 14th of May, and all are welcome!
Next week Monday 28th March, our meeting will be face to face at the Union Hotel, North Sydney at 12.30pm, Join us and learn what Rotary is doing in your community.Stay safe, be careful, wear your mask! 
In Rotary Service
President Philip
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Board Minutes 2nd Feb 2022
the dates booked for  March are;
12th March 2022
26th March 2022
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President's Extra Message
We tend to take for granted the clean and generally safe and plentiful water sources to which we have access.  Rotary International, through the combined actions of individual Rotarians and Rotary Clubs, seeks to assure that all people have adequate access to clean and safe water.   The Rotary theme for March, Water and Sanitation, asks us to focus on the life changing improvements that we can make through these international, as well as local projects to provide a more readily available and healthy supply of water to all people.
The Rotary Foundation has established a Disaster Response Fund to provide assistance to resident of Rotary Districts around the World.  Rotary Disaster Response Grants support relief and recovery efforts in areas that have been affected by natural disasters within the past six months.
Our District is preparing an application for a Disaster Response Grant to aid resident of our District 9685.  We can only apply for one grant of up to $US 25,000,(about $AU 34,000) and must describe projects ready to use these funds specifically for this disaster.  These will be Rotary-initiated projects, not simply payments to another organization.
We can combine contributions from several clubs into one application.  Lets consider this!

Next Meeting is Monday, the 28st of March - Speaker Meredith Faneuil - Children's Tumour Foundation


We have returned to every 2nd week @ the Union hotel (Cnr Pacific Highway & West St, North Sydney)  , and Alterative weeks  via Zoom. 
Check weekly eBulletin for confirmation of venue.


Last Monday's Meeting on March the 20th

Toast:  Toast Master absent

The "Good News" story of the week was Angelo's award ,at the weekend District Conference for Service above Self.

Sue very proudly announced,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Angelo was awarded the prestigious Service Above Self Award at yesterday’s Conference.

He was surprised, humbled and very chuffed to receive this award. Only 150 are awarded world wide and receiving this award is the highest honour a Rotarian can receive.
Angelo is the fourth Crows Nest Rotarian to be honoured with this award, joining Bill Lee, Bjorn Kolberg, and Harold Sharp. Crows Nest Rotary is now the second most SAS awarded Club in District 9685. Our fantastic Club is to be commended.

 The D-Cafe has been brought forward and will re-commence after a long absence to this Wednesday ,the 23rd of March .

A lot of discussion around the roster ,supplies and responsibilities for this coming Saturday's BBQ.

Sue and Angelo were most impressed with the District Conference held last weekend at the Rooty Hill RSL .The speakers were sweet and short and Jeff Brennan did an excellent job as M/ of the speakers was Daniel Nour ,co-founder of Street Side Medics ,who now have six support vans ,one of which was sent to the Flood ravaged district around Lismore ,where the Medical and Pharmaceutical support had been stretched beyond capacity .Daniel had also recently been awarded the Young Australian of the Year Award .His organisation was also presented with a donation from our Club at our last Giving Night in December.

Kate advised that Canteen have now forwarded to us the necessary information required for the $5000 donation we had allocated to them last year .This included invoices for X boxes and gaming equipment to be used by their Patients ,and once reviewed the donation will be passed on.

Phil will be following up with Phoenix House on their Coffee Machine and Refrigerator purchases ,as well as their commitment to our BBQ roster .Communication with PH has been challenging of late

Bill confirmed that the Club's Fellowship Night will be held at Storage Works on the 14th of May

Good to hear from Michael McQueen that business for him is really starting to pick up ,with numerous conferences and appointments ,plus the release of a new book .Keep up the good work Michael.

On International ,Chiu Lin from the Taiwan Foundation has agreed to address the Club in April to discuss the spending of the funds we currently have on hold for them ,which has the potential to double if the project can meet the District Grant criteria.

The Maliana Project is making some progress ,and a report has been received to use, from Contract Engineer Firm CHL ,an existing bore well for the water supply ,a well which is also used by an adjoining school .Howard will now review the report on return from holidays and give his recommendations. In addition ,Angelo is scheduled to visit Timor in May for RYLA work ,and will also visit Maliana .

 - April 6th  Board Meeting 5pm 
- May 1st - District Assembly
- May 14th - Fellowship Dinner @ Bill's Storage Works Warehouse,5pm
- June 4-8th RI convention, Houston  Live not Virtual 


Mar 28, 2022 12:30 PM
Childrens Tumor - Union Hotel
Apr 04, 2022 12:30 PM
Apr 11, 2022 12:00 PM
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