Hello, Members and our Rotary Friends receiving this eBulletin
It’s a great shame we in Sydney are in the middle of a COVID Lockdown.  Its like being tied up!  You are unable to do much!  Except plan and socialise.
Last Monday’s meeting on Zoom, saw Len Dickman present to us his knowledge and experience about ‘Gliding’.  It was very inspiring!
Each week we have an inspirational speaker at our meetings!
Next week we have a new representative of ‘So They Can’, Ms Emily Whitehouse.  ‘So They Can’ is a not for profit organisation committed to empowering children living in poverty through education, because every child matters.
Join us at 12.30pm and learn about education in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. Click here at 12.30pm
Don’t forget to advertise our Melbourne Cup Trifecta Tickets!  They are currently available to all non-profit organisations who want to raise funds for their causes.  At $2 a ticket, the prize is $1,000 and the net profit to the organisation is $2,648.  If you know any non-profit organisation who is in need of funds, please mention our Trifecta Tickets to them and refer them to our Trifecta Ticket Order form website! 
Think Rotary!
Stay safe and enjoy your Lockdown week. 
Yours in Rotary Service
President Philip
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Our Bunnings BBQs are currently on hold due to COVID19 restrictions.  
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
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President's Extra Message
August is Membership month
Well not really, every month is membership month! We need to have a conversation about membership!
Members of Rotary are the most important asset we have.   A diverse range of members allows us to do a diverse range of activities, transfers a diverse range of skills and gives the opportunity for a diverse range of experiences. Members should not be just bums on seats. We need to have an active meaningful involvement within the Club, a purpose to fulfill and an expectation of satisfaction that what we are doing has meaning.
We should be actively seeking people who can help us achieve projects that our current skillset cannot. People who have projects or ideas that they cannot achieve alone. People who can contribute to our own well being by their very positive approach and sense of community. Rotary should be challenging, fun, and also have purpose, significance, fulfillment and satisfaction.
Find the right people and who knows what we can achieve! Every month is Membership Month. Right now, while we are on Zoom it is a perfect time to invite a friend or colleague to a meeting, show them our website, look us up on Facebook and show what we do.

Next Meeting is Monday 16th August 2021 - Emily Whitehouse from "So They Can"

As we are in Lockdown, it will be on ZOOM. 

Emily ,is a new member of So They Can ,and as a result of Angelo making contact with our old Corporate Member ,Emily came along to the last Meeting ,and has very kindly volunteered to be our Guest Speaker for next Monday ,to give us an up-date on what So They Can are up to.
Last Monday, the  9th of August - Len Dickman, Glider Enthusiast and exclusive member of Tom's Coffee Club spoke on his favourite past time.
During the Meeting: 
Len' gave a most entertaining talk on his passion of Gliding ,points he discussed included,
-has glided all around the world ,mainly in the US .Len is also a commercial pilot flying powered planes.
-an instructor ,trained as a maintenance engineer for gliders
-operates mainly out of Bathurst
- the technology and design of gliders has improved remarkably over the years .Old gliders could only achieve a 10:1 ratio ,that is from a vertical drop of 1 kilometre ,be able to glide for up to 10 Kms ,whereas today with the newer designs made from carbon fibre and the likes ,can achieve a range of up to 75 kms.
-despite what some may perceive ,gliding is very safe
-to become airborne ,gliders are typically towed up by a single engine plane to a height of approx one kilometre ,or ,when the instruments detect a rising thermal current.
-all  glider operators must take out insurance ,and for second hand glider ,you can pay typically $15,000 or for a new one $50,000 plus .Len ,in fact has a powered glider .The powered propeller give him forward thrust only though.
So ,many thanks to Len for his great talk.
International Toast - was proposed by Howard to the   Rotary Cub of Jimboomba ,on the fringe of Brisbane ,in Logan City ,Queensland ,which happens to be the home of Decathlon bronze medallist ,Ash Maloney .Ash came to the last event ,being the 1500 metres run ,and he had to rely on his team mate ,Cedric ,to push him to get over the line for a place ,and that way secure the Bronze Medal.
Other discussion points around,
Good turnout for today with 15 present ,including Emily(STC) ,Guest Speaker ,Len ,and Tom's mate Wal ,who also helps with the BBQ
Local Rotary Cubs met with Toastmasters last Wednesday to see where they could work together .Always a potential source of recruits ,at least that's the way Toastmasters saw it ,who were very much in the minority at the Meeting.
Progress being made on the production of the Trifecta tickets for this year .Stapling proceeding ,but because of the lockdown and being confined to barracks ,at a slower pace than normal
The recent DG's Newsletter recognised Angelo's good work in fundraising for the Timor Leste Flood Relief Appeal
 - Changeover & Pride of Workmanship dinner is on HOLD, subject to COVID restrictions. Once confirmed new Invitations will be issued. 
 - BBQs are on HOLD. Cyril will phone Bunnings after lockdown.   
 - Next D-Cafe is on hold.   
 -  Melbourne Cup trifecta has had 6 orders already. Volunteers are required for stapling - talk to Angelo. 
 - Cyril has 2 X $100 Bunnings vouchers left.  8 have been purchased by members.  
 - Obviously Zoom meetings continue during lockdown. Ian to finalise the Union Hotel details after lockdown.  
 - When Covid restrictions allow, a Pride of Workmanship Award Dinner, will be held at 6.30pm at the Northbridge Golf Club.  
 - 11th & 12th September Zone 8 - Virtual Conference 
 - Monday 20th September, District Governor's visit to our Club. 
 - Jan 9th - 15th, 2022 - RYLA 
District 9685 Cluster and Area Details 3rd July 2021
For the information of all members and friends;
Recently, our new District Governor for 2021-22, advised our Club of a new rearrangement of Club Clusters into Areas, to remove imbalances of member numbers etc.  
Crows Nest is part of Cluster 2, made up of two Clusters;
- the Lower North Shore and
- Riverside
Our Club is in an Area made up of 8 Clubs and we have an Assistant Governor, John Zhang.
Click on this Link to see the new spreadsheet and read on to read the DG’s letter to our Club;


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Proposed BBQ August 14th 2021
Bunnings (if COVID Restrictions allow)
Aug 14, 2021
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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