Hello, Members and our Rotary Friends receiving this eBulletin.
Despite Lockdown our members are enthusiastic to commence fund raising and activities.
our Melbourne Cup Trifecta Tickets are gaining in popularity and are currently available to all non-profit organisations who want to raise funds for their causes.  At $2 a ticket, the prize is $1,000 and the net profit to the organisation is $2,648.  If you know any non-profit organisation who is in need of funds, please mention our Trifecta Tickets to them and refer them to our Trifecta Ticket Order form website! 
Our Board of Directors met on Wednesday and addressed our year ahead.  Most of our activities are on hold thanks to the pandemic but plans are now in place to push the ‘green light’, once restrictions are lifted.   First event off the blocks is our Pride of Workmanship Awards evening.  The second is our Bunnings BBQ Saturday.  Although I must add Bunnings is being a great corporate benefactor as they have given us 10 X $100 vouchers in lieu of our having missed our BBQ fund raising!!  ‘Rotary Sausage Sizzles’ have become an important asset in Bunnings Public Relations Image.   BBQs are also very important to us in our Rotary year! 
We think we are doing it tough in the pandemic, but last Monday the Rotary Club of Katmandu, Nepal, presented to our meeting and told us of their need for oxygen concentrators in their hospitals.  From the start of the pandemic in  Nepal, personel protection equipment has been urgently needed and Rotary around the World has been assisting.  Read more below.
During Next Monday's meeting we’ll hear from our own State Emergency Services. 
Stay safe and enjoy your Lockdown week.  See you all on Monday next, on Zoom, 12.30pm.
Yours in Rotary Service
President Philip

Recently our Club lost a member to another Rotary Club

Past President, Past District Governor, OAM recipient, Harold Sharp, who everyone will remember, has finally, in his 80s, retired with his wife Gina, out of Sydney, to make their home on the Central Coast.  However, Harold has not left Rotary, no, he is currently considering joining the City of Gosford Rotary Club, (look out Gosford!!!) Our Club members are very upset about Harold and Gina's move, but we all send them our Best Wishes for a Happy Retirement.  Harold has assured Crows Nest Rotary, that he will not forsake us entirely, but will keep in touch and will come to all our Events in the future.  On behalf of the Club Harold, we thank you for your 21 years service to our Club and Rotary.  Keep safe and well in this time of the pandemic.  Best Regards to you both!
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Board Minutes 09 June 2021
Our Bunnings BBQs are currently on hold due to COVID19 restrictions.  
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
Meeting Responsibilities Roster

Next Meeting is Monday 9th August 2021 - Jason Lee - SES Willoughby

As we are in Lockdown, it will be on ZOOM. 

Jason ,is our nearest local representative from the SES, so come along to our Zoom Meeting and hear what Jason has to say.
Last Monday 2nd of August - Rajendra Gautam,Co-Chair, Service Projects from the Rotary Club of Kathmandu
During the Meeting: 
Raj zoomed in from Kathmandu ,Nepal to give us an up-date on their incredible project work that he and his Club were involved in .Their Club's priorities for the people of Nepal are focussed on Health ,Hunger and Humanity ,and in this current COVID Pandemic ,Nepal has been badly affected .For in a population of 29 million ,since January last year ,they have had 697,000 cases ,and 9875 deaths .Our Club was already involved last year in a project involving PPE equipment with Northbridge ,and this year Kathmandu Club has been involved in more and more projects around COVID ,including Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinders for their hospitals .Raj has been reaching out to Rotary Clubs world wide ,including a number in Australia .Other projects involve building toilet blocks for girls in schools ,agricultural Equipment and Education ,WASP projects in schools ,as well as more medical equipment .Kathmandu Club is a busy Club and Raj is a busy and impressive young man and we wished him well with his work and we committed to support him where we can.
International Toast - was proposed by Kate to the   Rotary Cub of Zurich(International),a very active Club ,formed in 2007,English speaking Club made up mainly of Expat who meet on a monthly basis.         
Other discussion points around
Local Rotary Cubs were meeting with Toastmasters this Wednesday to see where they could work together .Always a potential source of recruits ,so worthy of follow up.
North Sydney Sunrise Club applied for Denise Ward to receive a local heroes award through Trent Zimmerman's office
Of the 10 Bunnings vouchers received,8 have now been committed
Progress being made on the production of the Trifecta tickets for this year .Stapling proceeding ,but because of the lockdown and being confined to barracks ,at a slower pace than normal
Andre Hardiman's Chatswood Club is organising a large fund raising dinner for late November ,including COVID experts and other key note Guest Speakers .Watch this space for further details as they evolve.
Great to see John Zhang also attend our Meeting ,his main request was around up-dating our birthdates ,or at least making sure they are present in myRotary .They just want to see how old we all are!!
 - All the best to Tom ,recuperating at home from his recent hospital visit. 
 - Changeover & Pride of Workmanship dinner is on HOLD, subject to COVID restrictions. Once confirmed new Invitations will be issued. 
 - BBQs are on HOLD. Cyril will phone Bunnings after lockdown.   
 - Next D_Cafe is scheduled for 25th August 2021, but likely to be cancelled.   
 -  Melbourne Cup trifecta has had 6 orders already. Volunteers are required for stapling - talk to Angelo. 
 - Cyril has 2 X $100 Bunnings vouchers left.  8 have been purchased by members.  
 - Obviously Zoom meetings continue during lockdown. Ian to finalise the Union Hotel details after lockdown.  
 - When Covid restrictions allow, a Presidents Changeover Dinner, will be held at 6.30pm at the Northbridge Golf Club. 
 - Wednesday 25th August - D_Cafe - TBC 
 - 11th & 12th September Zone 8 - Virtual Conference 
 - Monday 20th September, District Governor's visit to our Club. 
 - Jan 9th - 15th, 2022 - RYLA 
District 9685 Cluster and Area Details 3rd July 2021
For the information of all members and friends;
Recently, our new District Governor for 2021-22, advised our Club of a new rearrangement of Club Clusters into Areas, to remove imbalances of member numbers etc.  
Crows Nest is part of Cluster 2, made up of two Clusters;
- the Lower North Shore and
- Riverside
Our Club is in an Area made up of 8 Clubs and we have an Assistant Governor, John Zhang.
Click on this Link to see the new spreadsheet and read on to read the DG’s letter to our Club;
Rotary Leadership Institute

July is Leadership Month

You are invited to attend an Rotary Leadership Institute course to boost your knowledge, potential and supercharge your Rotary knowledge. 
Why now? Because July is Leadership Month and you are on the brink of an amazing chapter in your Rotary life.
The RLI Faculty of trained facilitators is here to assist in making your journey easier and likely, more fulfilling.
Please see the attached RLI Brochure. 


Aug 09, 2021
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Aug 16, 2021
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Proposed BBQ August 14th 2021
Bunnings (if COVID Restrictions allow)
Aug 14, 2021
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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