Dear Members, 
Wasn’t it great to see the promotion of Rotary and our local Clubs in Federal Parliament last week. Following  the recent announcement by RI President, Holger Knaack, on the African Nation being certified as Wild Polio Free, our local MP Trent Zimmerman, made a speech in Parliament, recognising this achievement, and at the same  time, acknowledging  the Rotary Clubs in our area. In these challenging  times, nice to hear a good news story.
Lovely to see Denise Ward, CEO of the Crows Nest Centre, as our Guest Speaker this week .Her promotional video of the Centre and their activities was first class and a credit to her organisation and those involved in putting the video together. Certainly an incentive to become involved in some of their activities.
Just a reminder that this will be the last week for submission for the Membership Satisfaction Survey, so for those who haven’t yet, please fill in the form and submit.
Also, now that we have had a few evening Meetings, would appreciate your thoughts as it will be a discussion item at our next Directors Meeting, mid-September.
Yours in Rotary, Stay Safe!
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Board Minutes 23 July 2020
Bunnings has advised that all BBQs are on HOLD until further notice. 
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Our Next Meeting on Monday 7th September 2020  -  National Asthma Awareness Week   
National Asthma Awareness Week.
Our own member Philip Smith will be speaking. 



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Last Meeting - Monday August 31st, Denise Ward, CEO Crows Nest Community Centre

Toast: Sue toasted the Rotary club of Rotary Club of Athens  
Crows Nest Community Centre  
Denise Ward, CEO of the Crows Nest Community Centre gave us an update on the activities at the centre. Also great to see Volunteer Co-ordinator Mel Corner also joined us.
Denise started with thanking us for our significant increase in support over the past 12 months. Activities includes the D_Cafe project (Sue), Tree of Joy (Sue), supplying the Best Santa ever (Philip), MC (Tom) at Seniors week, BBQ (Bill) at Children’s week to name a few.
Denise then showed an excellent recent video of activities at the Centre which includes both volunteer & client interviews, showing how both parties benefit. There were activities that most members would not be aware of. These includes assisted school homework, Xmas in July, Bollywood & Chinese seniors groups, Knitting & Indoor bowls on top of the traditional Linen service, Meals on wheels, Showers & hot meals for the homeless. There are 200 volunteers with the average age of 67.  
Please take time to visit the centre’s new website   which takes online bookings and allows you to subscribe to their eNews.  
 - Federal MP, Trent Zimmerman thank his local Rotary Clubs(including Crows Nest) in a speech in Parliament last week.
   See his speech by clicking Trent Thank You Rotary Speech   
 - State MP, Felicity Wilson,  also thanked her local Rotary clubs in State Parliament. (Available on our FB page) 
 - RI President announced that Africa is POLIO FREE. Harold noted that Bill Gates has donated $3.7billion to Polio.
 - RYLA Timor-Leste now has a Facebook Post in English.  The post has been shared with our FB page - It is worth reading.      
 - Melbourne Trifecta tickets are moving slowly. 8 sets sold.   
 - All September meetings will be via Zoom.  
 - Bunnings BBQs are still on HOLD until further notice. 
 - Ian is still awaiting responses from the member's survey.
 - Monday September 7th - D_Cafe relaunch meeting. Crows Nest Community Centre. 
 - 19-20th September Zone 8 (virtual) Conference  
 - Saturday 26th September - Wahronga club's Zoom Trivial night for Children in Nepal, India & Cambodia. 
 - Monday November 30th AGM
 - Monday December 7th. Xmas Party/Giving night. 
 - March 13-14 2021 - Virtual District Conference 
 - June 12 - 16  International Convention - Taipei (virtual) 
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This what our Zoom meetings look like. During August/September we plan to trail alternate Zoom meetings at 7.30pm.  
September 14th & 28th will be 12.30pm meetings, while September 7th & 21st will be 7.30pm.  
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Yours in Rotary
Angelo Raveane
Rotary Club of Crows Nest.
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