Hello, Members and our Rotary Friends receiving this eBulletin.
Rotary across Australia has come together again, and is concentrating on raising funds to donate to those in need in flooded areas, donations are being channeled directly to those in need through Rotary’s avenue of ‘RAWCS’, (Rotary Australia World Community Service)
In addition the Rotary Foundation has established a Disaster Response Fund to provide assistance to residents of Rotary Districts around the World, to support relief and recovery efforts in areas that have been affected by natural disasters.  Our District is applying for such a grant to aid those in need affected by floods in our District.
Last Saturday week, 26th Feb saw our Club’s Bunnings BBQ extremely busy all day, taking a net profit of over $1,100.  Many thanks to our Teams of volunteers!  This Saturday 12th of March we are again at Bunnings running our BBQ, please come down and visit us!
Next week our meeting will be face to face at the Union Hotel, at 12.30am, Join us for lunch and learn what Rotary is doing in your community.
Stay safe, be careful, wear your mask! 
In Rotary Service
President Philip
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Board Minutes 2nd Feb 2022
the dates booked for  March are;
12th March 2022
26th March 2022
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click Here   
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President's Extra Message
We tend to take for granted the clean and generally safe and plentiful water sources to which we have access.  Rotary International, through the combined actions of individual Rotarians and Rotary Clubs, seeks to assure that all people have adequate access to clean and safe water.   The Rotary theme for March, Water and Sanitation, asks us to focus on the life changing improvements that we can make through these international, as well as local projects to provide a more readily available and healthy supply of water to all people.
The Rotary Foundation has established a Disaster Response Fund to provide assistance to resident of Rotary Districts around the World.  Rotary Disaster Response Grants support relief and recovery efforts in areas that have been affected by natural disasters within the past six months.
Our District is preparing an application for a Disaster Response Grant to aid resident of our District 9685.  We can only apply for one grant of up to $US 25,000,(about $AU 34,000) and must describe projects ready to use these funds specifically for this disaster.  These will be Rotary-initiated projects, not simply payments to another organization.
We can combine contributions from several clubs into one application.  Lets consider this!

Next Meeting is Monday, the 14th of March - Speaker is Lorraine Sutton from "Wrap with Love"  

There are millions of people in the world suffering extreme cold. In 1992 Wrap with Love began with the idea to help as many people as possible by providing warm Wraps to ward off hypothermia and in the past 23 years we have sent more than 400,000 Wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia, with the help of our hardworking and generous volunteers.

Most of us can knit and sew. Just one square provides one twenty-eighth of warmth, and collectively, twenty-eight assembled squares create one whole warm and sheltering Wrap.

Lorraine Sutton has been a volunteer with Wrap With Love for twenty years following a career working for an import company, teaching, and as a doctor's receptionist. Lorraine's involvement began when she heard Sonia Gidley-King, the founder of Wrap With Love, giving a talk on radio. Lorraine was interested and contacted Sonia to find out more about the organization. 
Since 2018 Lorraine has been the Chairperson of Wrap With Love, co-ordinating operations in the warehouse and the distribution of wraps.
Lorraine is the proud mother of three sons and has five grandchildren. She enjoys attending ballet performances and spending time at the family's house at Port Stephens.  
We have returned to every 2nd week @ the Union hotel (Cnr Pacific Highway & West St, North Sydney)  , and Alterative weeks  via Zoom. 
Check weekly eBulletin for confirmation of venue.


Last Monday's Meeting on March the 7th

Toast:  Howard toasted the collective Rotary Clubs of Ukraine ,and all their members ,as we try and contemplate the terrible ordeal they are currently going through.
 - End result of discussion over donation for Flood Relief to the people of Northern NSW was for George to discuss with his Mullumbimby contacts in either Rotary or Lions to work out the most effective and worthwhile method of supporting the area .Then we have a separate collection bucket at this weeks BBQ ,see how much we get and then decide to what level we top it up from our own funds .This total amount will be decided upon at our next Monday's Meeting.
- Since our Meeting ,we have adopted Plan B ,due to the urgency of the situation .George made contact with the Rotary Club of Mullumbimby who established an urgent need ,which all Directors agreed to ,and Owen has now sent $2000 to the Club directly for various aid projects .Potentially more to follow ,with our Collection bucket  at this Saturday's BBQ
 - the next District Assembly to be held on the 1st of May ,venue ,TBA .
- encourage more members to attend the District Conference on the 18th/19th of March .Currently approx. 300 going ,but they would like more.
- Ross is champing at the bit as he will be attending the PETS course next Sunday
-the Polio Train ride ,organised by Beecroft Club ,raised almost $16000 last Saturday ,an excellent effort.
- the Rotary Foundation is organising a disaster relief appeal for the people of Ukraine .Howard advises that Shelterbox have been very active with their support also.
- President Phil would appreciate some feedback on his President's Message appearing every week in the Bulletin.Good ,bad or indifferent!!
-Angelo and Mark are chasing up overdue subs ,and while Howard was on holidays ,have been doing some work on the BBQ roster .Never an easy task .Especially as we have some unavailable in the coming weeks.
-Discussion on soft drinks for the BBQ ,cheapest vs. most popular .Need to look out for "specials" during the week .Also need to stock up on the American mustard which is proving to be very popular.
-Much discussion on options to increase prices at the BBQ .Apparently the DG was in talks with Bunnings ,which is very much a corporate decision.
 - Phoenix House has purchased the Coffee machine, as part of last year's Grant. Also Sue will be following up with them on the purchase of the Fridge.
-Andre Harriman is organising a Charity Movie Night at the Mandarin theatre to support End Polio.
-Thanks to Bill and Lidia Lee for donating linen to the Tallumande House.
-Ross advises that after a two year absence ,the Crows Nest Fair is back on again this year and the organisers are asking of our interest in being involved.
-Tom joined us briefly to advise us he is slowly but surely coming good ,that is apart from neuropathy ,following his chemo treatment.
-Bill reminded us of the "Foundation Dinner" for Club Members at his place on Saturday evening ,the 2nd of April at 5pm.
All member should get behind this evening which should be  great night .Thanks Bill  
- March 18th/19th - District Conference  @ Rooty Hill RSL 
- April 2nd - Foundation Dinner @ Bill's ,5pm 
- April 6th  Board Meeting 5pm 
- May 1st - District Assembly
- June 4-8th RI convention, Houston  Live not Virtual 
Movie fund raiser on 13th March
This Month we have a Rotary fund raiser; our enthusiastic Rotarian Andre, is arranging a movie at $30 a head, with $25 to go to our Rotary project, ‘End Polio Now!’, please consider this an outing for the family this Sunday morning!


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