Dear Members and Friends,
Take Two!!   With the COVID Lockdown throwing a spanner in our works, which has completely upended our end of the Rotary Year celebrations, our Changeover Function date has now changed to the 26th July 2021.   However, President Elect Philip Smith will take over as President of Crows Nest Rotary on the 1st July 2021, and as a result, this is my last Report to you as President 2020-21.
The current COVID19 lockdown will impact our Meetings.  But we will continue on Zoom, each Monday lunchtime 12.30pm.   Our Bunnings BBQs, have also been suspended, for how long, we’re not quite sure, so watch this space!
One consolation from missing out on this week’s BBQ, has been the granting by Bunnings of a Bunnings Voucher valued at $500 in lieu of our loss of earnings.  So all is not lost!
At our last Meeting, we completed the review of our Strategic Plan for the next three years, which was one of our important goals for the year.  So I appreciate the inputs by all involved.  Our Strategic Plan is here in our eBulletin for all to see click on the link.  Good news; as a result of the Red Shield Appeal in our local district, an excellent figure of $33,000 was raised.
Finally, the cancellation of the physical Rotary District 9685 Changeover of District Governor has also resulted in a Zoom event, this Sunday lunchtime at noon.  Click on this link at Noon!.   This current financial year’s District Governor, David Clark, must be commended  for his incredible commitment, and work ethic, to the role during this unusual year effected by the pandemic, as exemplified in his end of year Report.
So, in the meantime stay safe.  I wish to express my thanks and warm appreciation to all my Board and members, for their support in my Rotary Year as your President.
Yours In Rotary
President Ian
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Board Minutes 07 April 2021
Our Bunnings BBQs are currently on hold due to COVID19 restrictions .  
Please support Howard in his quest to build up a list of volunteers. Latest Roster - Click here.   
Meeting Responsibilities Roster

Next Meeting is Monday 5th July 2021, being a Zoom Meeting during Lockdown.

 Click here at 12.30pm.   We will be discussing our 2021-22 Year!
Last Monday 28th June, our planned President's Changeover and Pride of Workmanship Awards evening was scuttled by a Covid19 14 day Lockdown. 
However, at lunchtime on Monday, we held a Zoom Meeting and discussed our Strategic Plan for for the next three years, 2021-24.
Discussion; the members discussed the four goals of the Strategic Plan;
Goal 1: Continue and expand the value and impact of our hands-on service projects, while maintaining support for the existing local community and international projects.
Goal 2: Improve our public relations image and reputation in Crows Nest and nearby suburbs.
Goal 3: Continue and expand the value and impact of our fundraising and charitable-giving activities, building ties between local and international programs.
Goal 4: Reactivate our action plan to increase our membership base, achieving a club size of at least 15 participating members
Members discussion commended member Swapna for her work on our Facebook page, which now has over 500 people following her posts.   It was suggested the club pursue use of Social Media such as Facebook and its Groups and Linkedin.
Concerning volunteers, our BBQ depend on our friends assisting.  It was suggested we pursue appointing volunteers as 'Friends of Rotary'.
It was agreed we should pursue more social meetings to increase social contact with our members.
During the Meeting;
International Toast - was proposed by President Ian to Rotary Club of Miami, Florida, USA.The Rotary Club of Miami is the fifth oldest Rotary Club in Florida, having received its charter on March 1, 1917. 
"The Rotary Club of Miami has a long history and impressive legacy, but today we do not claim credit for past accomplishments.  Times change, needs change and we adapt how we help.  Our goal is to add to the long history and rich legacy by making a positive difference in our community, as well as, by helping each other through networking with friends."
 - Angelo reported that Food parcels are being processed in East Timor. See Story below.  
 - Next D_Cafe is 28th July 2021
 - Howard reported that  Monte's East Timor Water project in Maliana project with Monte remains on hold due to COVID19. 
 - Ideas for new local projects for a district grant were received and are being processed 
- A letter of Intent has been issued to the organisation 'Canteen'; intending to fund $5,000 for a 'Video Games Program' to be spread across their clients.
 - Ross has updated our WWC (Working with Children) register.   
 - Sunday July 4th - District Changeover 
- Monday 26th July - if Covid restrictions allow, a Presidents Changeover Dinner, will be held at 6.30pm at the Northbridge Golf Club.  NOTE; yet to be confirmed, watch this space!
 - Monday 26th July, District Governor ' visit to our meeting
 - D-Cafe 28th July at the Crows Nest Community Centre
Wednesday 4th August 5pm Board Meeting on Zoom 
Zoom Meetings
This what our Zoom meetings look like; 
Until Further Notice every 2ND Monday meeting  will be on Zoom. Check eBulletin for dates. 
Please click on this link; Rotary Crows Nest Zoom
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