David Rands, current Chairman of the district Rotary Foundation, and Past District Governor brought us up-to-date with the Foundation.
We were reminded that the foundation is about education & humanity in the community with the call of “Doing good in the world”. Whilst the foundation mainly put its money to Grants, it also has Scholarships & Peace fellowships.
Districts grants are usually up to $3K for local projects to $6K for international projects. Clubs must match the money and complete within the Rotary year. (E.g. A club brought a bladder scanner for the local hospital). Then we have Global grants from $30K + up to 200K. These must be sustainable & measureable and aligned to the 6 focus areas. (E.g. supplying fishing boats to the Philippines). The major project of Polio elimination is getting close to finishing, with only 27 cases this year compared to 55 last year. 
We currently have 3 Global scholarships.  Two students at Oxford and one at Milan University.  (E.g. One chemist studying Water Management)
It was pleasing to note that the district received 40K more in grants that we have donated to the Foundation. This is due to the hard work of the Rotarians in the district. Even more impressive is that fact the 92% of all money donated gets to the projects, with 2% for Admin and 6% for Marketing.
Due to the fact that this year marks the Centenary of the Rotary Foundation, we ended the lunch with a donation of $26.50 each from most club members. This was the amount of the first donation given 100 years ago to start the Foundation.