Aug 05, 2019
Tony Irwin,Technical Consultant
NSW Electricity Supply-Success or Failure?

Two years ago NSW was on the brink of blackouts. Tony will examine what has changed in the past two years and whether NSW is on track for our electricity supply to be reliable, affordable and have low emissions. Is 100% renewables the answer, or are there other more affordable alternatives?


Tony Irwin (FIEAust MIET FAIE CPEng) is a Chartered Engineer, Honorary Associate Professor at the ANU, Technical Director of SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd and Chair of Engineers Australia Sydney Division Nuclear Engineering Panel. Tony worked for British Energy in the UK for more than thirty years commissioning and operating 8 nuclear power reactors.  In 1999, he moved to Australia and joined ANSTO where he provided advice on nuclear issues to the Federal Government. He was subsequently appointed as the first Reactor Manager of ANSTO’s new OPAL research reactor. Tony is now a Consultant.