Mar 04, 2019
Pam Carne
Teacher in a Box

Pam was educated and worked in the Blacktown area for most of her adult life, with about 40 of those years

working in the real estate industry as a Valuer and Commercial Asset Manager, in a family business with the most recent 18 years

in her own business.

Recently retired she now has more time to support he Rotary International Projects which have inspired her since joining Rotary some 15 years ago.

The inception of Teacher in a Box was in 2013 after a Rotary visit to the School of St Jude in Tanzania back in 2012 with four members of Rotary in Brisbane joining the Blacktown team for the 3 week tour. Pam and the TIB team have recently revisited Tanzania to follow up  some of the deployments and see first hand the progress and value of the project

TIB was founded by Jeanette Johnstone from Paddington Rotary Club in Qld, after she visited Tanzania and Zanzibar in 2012 and recognised the need for Educational resources without access or reliance on the internet, as the internet is both unreliable and expensive in many parts of the country.

Jeanette was fortunate to meet Patrick Hackett who was volunteering with Computers 4 Learning, another Rotary Project, whereby donated computers are repurposed and sold for a small fee to the Community.

Jeanette then partnered with Patrick and together they took donated laptops, stripped and cleaned them, then uploaded thousands of Educational Videos, lessons, books and associated resources, which then connected to a small router can be shared to as many as 100 other devices i.e. laptops, ipads and smartphones.

The Project continues to grow and thus far has been invaluable to schools in Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines