Sep 30, 2019
Virginia Keenan
Best Life Transitions

This talk is about a new business venture - "Best Life Transitions" which has a target market of retirees/seniors.  It will provide a project management service to assist seniors in downsizing, relocating to retirement villages etc.  It is particularly focussed on those that have no-one to assist them – e.g. never married, no family, children live on other side of world etc.


The services provided will include assistance with inspection/choice of retirement village or just a smaller property, preparing property for sale (arranging gardener, declutter, maintenance etc), introduction of sales agent, Vendor Advocate, assistance with Centrelink and other administrative requirements (in conjunction with lawyer and financier).  The aim is to coordinate this very overwhelming process and take the pain away.


Virginia is a successful business owner/manager with extensive experience across multiple, profitable and simultaneous business operations, encompassing the telecommunications/IT, hospitality and farming industries. She is skilled in providing first class client sales, marketing and customer service.