Jun 03, 2019
Vanessa Murphy-Principal,RNS Hospital School
About the RNSH School

Royal North Shore Hospital School provides continuity of education for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 who are patients at Royal North Shore Hospital. The school offers Individual Learning Programs for students who come from metropolitan and country areas, a range of cultural backgrounds and all sectors of schooling. Students remain enrolled at their census school whilst attending our hospital school. While the school is situated on the children's ward, it also caters for older students who may be on the Orthopaedic, Neurosurgical, Psychiatric, Burns or Spinal Wards.

Vanessa is the Principal at Royal North Shore Hospital School and is a leader in Positive Education and Wellbeing. She is passionate about supporting student’s wellbeing by connecting and understanding the context of student lives.  Vanessa will deliver an empowering talk about RNSH School’s innovative approach to supporting their students whilst in hospital. Vanessa and her team have identified a range of strategies that boost positive wellbeing, and that igniting a sense of purpose through authentic engagement greatly increases human connection and belonging.


Vanessa holds a Master of Special Education (Behaviour and Emotional Difficulties) Bachelor of Education, and Diploma of Positive Psychology.