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Learning about Hippo Rollers

Martin is a registered landscape architect and Associate Director at the Sydney Office of CLOUSTON Associates, where he is the Design Manager.

He has expertise in Landscape Architecture, master planning and water sensitive urban design.      

In 2009 he came across the Hippo Water Roller.  Struck by its design simplicity and its ability to solve the pressing problem of lack of access to water for thousands of people worldwide, Martin became involved as a donor.

For the last few years he and his family have been supporting the community of Marapyane with a bi annual donation of rollers.  Located 150km north of Johannesburg, This community of about 2000 people has no running water on tap.

Keen to champion the benefits of the Hippo Water Roller Project, he was appointed in 2015 as the organisations Australasian Pro Bono representative

Feb 05, 2018

Board Meeting

Feb 12, 2018
Feb 12, 2018
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Where Australia Collides with Asia

This talk follows the epic voyages of natural history of Continent Australia, Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.

·       The voyage of Continent Australia after it breaks away from Antarctica 50 million years ago with its raft of Gondwanaland flora and fauna and begins its journey north towards the equator.

·       The voyage of Joseph Banks on the Endeavour who with Daniel Solander became the first trained naturalists to describe the unique flora and fauna of Continent Australia that had evolved during its 30 million years of isolation.

·       The voyage of Charles Darwin on the Beagle, who after his observations in South America and the Galapagos Islands, sat on the banks of the Coxs River in New South Wales and tried to rationalize his belief in the idea of biblical creation and understand the origin of species.

·       The voyage of Alfred Russel Wallace, who realized that the Lombok Strait in Indonesia represents the biogeographical boundary between the fauna of Asia and those of Australasia.

Ian Burnet has spent thirty years, living, working and travelling in Indonesia. His three prior books show his fascination with the diverse history and cultures of the archipelago.

Feb 19, 2018
Feb 24, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Club Discussion-Potential New Venue

Feb 26, 2018

Award Presentation and Up-date

Roger Williams will talk on Mary's House and Julie Stewart on Delvena

​Roger Williams



* In my professional life I was a commercial lawyer in a large publicly listed Australian company (CSR) until I retired in 2007.

* Since then I have completed a Master’s degree in History at Sydney University.

* I also served on the governing Council of one of the Syd Uni colleges and its Donors’ Foundation, I retired from that last year.

* In 2007 I commenced working as a volunteer at the Matthew Talbot Hostel for homeless men at Woolloomoolloo, where I still work in their outreach programme.

* In 2015 I was the co-chair of the Parish Council of Our Lady of the Way Catholic Parish, North Sydney, when we decided to explore the possibility of opening a refuge for women & children escaping domestic violence.

* We quickly realised that this project required funding and personnel resources way beyond the capacity of our Parish.

* So, what became Mary’s House, was transformed into a community-wide project, including all faiths and none and much wider community support, including Rotary,Mater Hospital and other business and community groups too numerous to recount.

* The result is that Mary’s House opened its doors on 1st November 2016. I was Chair of the Board of the not-for-profit company which operates Mary’s House until mid-2017. I remain an active Board director.

* As you know, I have previously spoken at one of your lunches. I will update your members further on Monday.



Mar 05, 2018
Mar 10, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Board Meeting

Mar 12, 2018
Mar 12, 2018
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Famous People buried in MacQuarie Cemetery

Mar 19, 2018
Mar 24, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Club Discussion -Topic TBA

Mar 26, 2018

Up-date on Monte's Project in Maliana,Timor Leste

The purpose of this talk is to give the Club an up-date on their project and potential for our Crows Nest Rotary Club to be involved. ​

Nicole Christensen , College Principal 

Sr Carmel McDonough is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney and has also worked with the staff and students of Monte for the past 20 years developing Immersion Programmes to Peru, Timor Leste, the Central Desert, Wreck Bay and Chaing Mai. 

  Adrian Johnston has  been coordinating the College Timor Leste Immersion to Colegio Infante de Sagres, Maliana. The immersion program is heading into its fifth year, we have been able to form a strong relationship built on trust and honesty embedded by the core mercy values with Fr Natalino, teaching staff, students and wider Maliana community.




Apr 09, 2018
Apr 14, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Apr 16, 2018

The Future is Electric Cars

Robert Giltinan is the Senior Policy & Public Affairs Advisor at the NRMAThe NRMA published a paper titled “The Future is Electric” in October 2017.  This report had 6 recommendations.  Robert will talk about these and the content of the report.

Apr 23, 2018
Apr 28, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Board Meeting

Apr 30, 2018
Apr 30, 2018
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

School for Life Foundation

Janepher Nansubuga grew up in rural Uganda and lost her parents at 16, which meant she and her siblings had to move to live with her grandmother in Kampala.  Education there was harsh – no meals all day and beatings. Janepher decided she had to change things for her family and began working to pay for private education for herself and a sister and subsequently all her siblings. She eventually worked her way through teacher training and then started work as a teacher. She has been with School for Life since its beginnings and her outstanding approach to education has seen her develop into the role of Director of Schools.   


Annabelle Chauncy is a dynamic leader and social entrepreneur who started School for Life Foundation at 21 years of age with operations in Australia and Uganda.  Through her Foundation she has built a team of over 120 staff, built 3 schools in rural Uganda providing education to 680 students and outreach to more than 2,000 people.  Annabelle has overcome huge barriers including running two high performing business in 2 continents, managing cultural and gender biases, shifting mindsets , driving change and innovation and engaging staff to achieve high performance.  Annabelle is one of the youngest recipients of the Medal of the Order of Australia and is she is testament to the fact that one person can make a difference.

May 07, 2018
May 12, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Eradicating Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia

Lynne will talk about the work of Catherine & Reg Hamlin. Catherine was voted Senior Citizen of NSW for 2017.

The title of my talk is The Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

I was born and raised in the UK. When I had graduated and gained experience as a Geography teacher I worked in Nigeria on a British development aid contract.

I migrated from the UK in 1988 with my husband and three young children.


I recently retired as a Geography teacher at MLC Burwood.


I have always taken an interest in African affairs and am passionate about development issues. I have been very privileged to volunteer at the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation as I believe Catherine to be one of the most inspiring people that I have heard about.


May 14, 2018


May 21, 2018
May 26, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Update on his son, Phillip and Independant Living in Denmark

May 28, 2018
Jun 02, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Board Meeting

Jun 04, 2018
Jun 04, 2018
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Public Holiday-No Meeting

Jun 11, 2018

Water Sanitation Project in Ossu,Timor Leste

Ollie will present the work of WFOO ,who have just returned from Timor-Leste,having completed their Water and Sanitation Stage 1  project in Ossu, to the point that they are now able to go on to organize the more demanding Stage 2. They will be bringing a video to demonstrate their work



Jun 18, 2018
Jun 23, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Club Changeover Night

Jun 27, 2018
Jun 27, 2018
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Where the Penguins Holiday-Madagascar

Howard has just returned from two weeks Rotary work in Madagascar,with an interesting story to tell.


Jul 02, 2018
Jul 07, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Board Meeting

Jul 09, 2018
Jul 09, 2018
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Alcohol and other drugs in the local community

Christine has 7 years experience managing marketing and communications and fundraising projects for Leukaemia Foundation and Youth Off The Streets before joining Odyssey House NSW in January 2016. Her experience includes brand and reputation management, establishing and building a Marketing and Communications department within a Not-for-Profit, fundraising planning and implementation, and being a trusted advisor to the business. She also has 9 years For-profit experience in the public relations industry both in the UK and in Australia working on multinational clients such as IBM and Adobe.


Christine is an ocean swimmer who swims with a group at Bondi Beach every Saturday morning. Throughout the year. She also rides a Royal Enfield.

Jul 16, 2018
Jul 21, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Discussion on Advertising the Club

Jul 23, 2018

How to promote Crows Nest Rotary Club and Rotary in our Community.

Jul 30, 2018
Aug 04, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM